Jackson says NRL biffo is great for

After Sunday's little slap 'n' tickle between Gorden Tallis and Ben Ross, AFL boss Wayne Jackson has hit out at the code, saying it was the perfect advertisement for Australian Rules.

The NRL has decided not to take further action against Tallis or Ross following their fight during Sunday's NRL match at Penrith. But Jackson says the incident was silly, stupid and not courageous. He also said he wouldn't want his child playing in a sport that brushed off such an incident so easily.

As I doubt it will neither turn fans away from Rugby League nor discourage people from playing it, I hardly see how the incident was an "advertisement" for AFL. But maybe Wayne and co. are struggling for cash lately and can't afford air space on radio or television.

In fact, I'd venture to say that it got some pulses racing in the crowd and on TV when two big men went hammer and tongs at each other. Everyone loves a good stoush now and then, and while the League fraternity doesn't promote violence, the NRL is realistic enough to know it's a part of the game.

Accordingly, the referee dealt with it immediately, sin-binning both players. The fact that the NRL is taking no further action demonstrates it was satisfied with the action taken. Ten in the bin isn't a light punishment. And both players can walk away and leave it on the field. That's the beauty of Rugby League.

I think the only person who didn't like what happened was Ben Ross's mother, who might get a bit nervous the next time Penrith play Brisbane. But Mrs. Ross should be proud of her son; he stood up to one of the fiercest forwards in the game and never took a backward step.

Sorry Wayne, but you guys are only keeping the ovals down south in good shape for the Cricket season.