John Kear Announces Harlequin's Squad For Sunday

John Kear has announced his squad to face Harlequins this Sunday at The Rapid Solicitors Stadium.

Full back Matthew Blaymire is set to return to the team after being out with a hand injury for a number of weeks. New signings Liam Higgins and Tyrone McCarthy are named in the squad for the second week running and reserves star Matthew Wildie is also featured in the line up. Kevin Penny returns to the first team squad and regulars Glenn Morrison, Julien Rinaldi and Paul Johnson are all set to play.

Prop forward Michael Korkidas is ruled out of the team with a knee injury and Paul King is out of action with his foot injury but is due to return and play for the reserves next week. Young centre Aaron Murphy is also out due to a quad injury that he sustained in last weeks game against The Giants, he is set to return in 2 weeks. Aussie forward Kevin Henderson will miss this week's game due to a foot injury, with the intense Easter schedule around the corner it has been decided that Kevin would benefit from a further weekend of respite.

The game takes place at The Rapid Solicitors Stadium on Sunday at 3.30pm. Tickets are available from The Wildcats Superstore on Doncaster Road or by calling 01924 211611. Remember, Silver Members can get a ticket for a fantastic �10!

The squad in full is:

1 Matt Blaymire

2 Kevin Penny

5 Luke George

6 Ben Jeffries

9 Julien Rinaldi

13 Glenn Morrison

14 Tommy Lee

17 Paul Johnson

18 Chris Dean

20 Ben Gledhill

21 Frankie Mariano

22 Stuart Howarth

23 Josh Veivers

25 Liam Higgins

26 Matthew Wildie

29 Josh Griffin

30 Greg Johnson

31 Kyle Amor

33 Tyrone McCarthy

This is Wakefield. Together We Are Stronger.