Legends' Walk officially opened

In another triumph for the St.George Bank Dragons and Oki Jubilee Stadium, the Legends' Walk was officially opened this afternoon in Kogarah Park (6/3/04).

The Legends' Walk honours the following 16 former players:

Brian Clay, Mark Coyne, Reg Gasnier, Ken Kearney, Johnny King, Graeme Langlands, Eddie Lumsden, Matt McCoy, Noel Pidding, Norm Provan, John Raper, Rod Reddy, Kevin Ryan, Billy Smith, Ian Walsh and Craig Young.

The finalisation of the project is the end of another chapter in the upgrade of Kogarah Jubilee. While the final result is pleasing to the investors who purchased the pavers, it is unfortunate that the finalisation date was 10 months behind the original timetable.

The R2K website will be updated within the next week with a selection of photos from the launch.