TEAMS: NSWRL Sydney Shield - 2022 Round 19


Round 19 teamlists and officials.

Finals positions are all but locked in - next week the teams ranked 2nd to 5th will face off in the opening weekend of finals. This weekend, the final handful of games is played to round out the regular season.

All times are listed in AEST (NSW/QLD/VIC/ACT) unless otherwise noted.

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BYES Hills Bulls, St Marys, Wentwortville United

Moorebank Rams v Sydney Roosters
Sat August 6 2022, 6:30pm at Hammondville Oval, Moorebank

Referees: Clayton Wills;Sideline Officials: Adam Sirianni, Micheal Ford;

Moorebank Rams

1. Braye Porter 2. Kaylib Savage 3. Compton Fuatimau 4. Montel Sione Lisala 5. Lachlan Hughes 6. Caleb Laiman 8. Epeli Sukanaivalu 10. Jacob Karam 11. Samuel Kimi-Ioane 13. Luke Rouland 14. Josh Taylor Myles 20. Jaycob Oloaga 23. Bill Salameh 17. Danny Ghantous 15. Mason Makatoa

Sydney Roosters

1. Rob Miller 2. Denzil Manu 17. Emery Jolliffe 24. Kilioni Cagilevu 20. Kyron Fekitoa 6. Jack Smith 7. Tyler Colley 8. Byron Strickland 9. Drew Lloyd 11. Angus Fahey 12. Salesi Foketi 22. Darcy Clifton 14. Benaiah Ioelu 16. Lafi Tuinauvai 4. Jack Kenny 3. Tevita Masima 27. Michael Farah

Penrith Brothers v Ryde-Eastwood Hawks
Sun August 7 2022, 3:00pm at Parker Street Oval, Penrith

Referees: Cameron Turner;Sideline Officials: Benjamin Seppala, Blake Williams;

Penrith Brothers

Team list not yet announced.

Ryde-Eastwood Hawks

Team list not yet announced.