No more grapple, say NRL

The National Rugby League are set to crack down on the controversial ?grapple tackle?, today warning clubs that they are unhappy with its use.

The controversial tackling style, which is back in the limelight following a match between Newcastle and Melbourne last weekend, has been condemned by the NRL today.

The league has set out new guidelines in an attempt to stamp-out the tackling style.

The indicators that may be used in determining an illegal action in a tackle will include:

- Defenders merely grasping the head or neck of an opponent in a tackle where more than one tackler is involved

- Defenders making a legitimate upper body tackle, but then sliding or moving up to grasp the head or neck in completing the tackle

- Any pulling or jerking of the head or neck in an attempt to roll the ball carrier over in completing the tackle

-Restraining the ball carrier on the ground by his head or neck to slow the play-the-ball

- Any other unnecessary contact with the head or neck in effecting a tackle

NRL Chief Operating Officer Graham Annesley said players could be injured if the tackling style continues to be used.

?The NRL has advised all clubs of the guidelines that will be used in determining whether a tackle is deemed to be potentially dangerous,? Mr Annesley said.

?Rather than be accused of launching a ?crackdown? without warning, the NRL is advising all clubs of just how this area is to be enforced going forward.

?There will be no point in clubs or players pointing to what has happened before round 13 if they find themselves penalised or charged after today.?

The NRL opted to charge no players out of the Newcastle v Melbourne match on Saturday night.