Off the Wall

We have reached the "business end" of the 2010 season which makes me even more concerned that nothing has been done to arrest the  deteriorating  standard of one the key factors impacting on outcomes at t his time of the season - referees and video referees.

The standard of refereeing - overall - has been worse this season than in recent seasons. And video referees, with all the technology and time they have at their disposal, still get it wrong when clearly they should not be doing so.

With that reality, you would think those responsible for appointing referees would exercise special care before  they make appointments for round 22, with the race for the final eight, and positions within the eight, very open.

Outside the current top eight - with the Warriors holding down 8th place on percentages - it can be argued that the Rabbitohs, Eels, Knights and Raiders can still displace the Warriors and the three other teams that are equal  to them on 24 points.

This is a tight premiership race. Even the minor premiership race is suddenly wide open - the Dragons could be displaced by the Panthers, Roosters or the Tigers!

This weekend there are three or four games that will impact on the table. One of them is the Rabbitohs (9th) v Tigers (4th) match tomorrow night.

The two referees chosen for the game are Jared Maxwell and Jason Robertson.

Maxwell, though experienced, is about par among the current lot of referees. On the other hand Robertson, has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. He has made a number of glaring errors  that impacted on the results in recent weeks.

He should have been a place in a game which has no consequence - perhaps a trip to Townsville tonight?

The Rabbitohs v Tigers game will have wide appeal tomorrow night. If the Tigers win, they probably guarantee themselves a top four spot, and the considerable advantages that accrue to a  top four spot going into the finals.

For the Rabbitohs, tomorrow night may well be their final a few weeks early. A loss tomorrow night may well mean curtains...only a favourable for and against might save them.

I fear we are going to see in the coming weeks just what a total disaster the dual referees system is. And how flawed the video referee system is