Off the Wall

I don't have a problem with David Gallop, or anyone else, floating possible changes to the scheduling of NRL matches from 2013 onwards.

He has mentioned a Sunday night  match and even a return to Saturday afternoon fixtures.

I don't have a problem with either being considered - I just wish the NRL would consult the games key stakeholders - the fans - as part of the process.

Being in consultation with a broadly based group of fans is easy.

The NRL could use our website, or other site such as those sites of the 16 NRL clubs, or even its very average website.

It could commission any one of the reputable survey companies to poll fans - through the membership data base of the clubs, or outside matches.

Getting a representative and fair sample of the views of the games most important stakeholder - the fans, and that includes fans who get their rugby league from television and who never attend a game - ought to be simple. And compulsory!

I know readers have reservations about Sunday night.

And a return to Saturday afternoons would have its opponents as well.

But what harm is done by at least looking at all options?

And that must include whether or not two Friday nights games is what fans want.

Of course changes to schedules will have to involve consultation with clubs, and broadcast rights holders.

I read somewhere that the IC will take over control of the game this Friday, or was it next Friday?

Perhaps one of its first tasks should be to develop a much better communication medium with fans - and their views?