Oh what a night!

The season launch of Leagueunlimited.com for 2004 kicked off in fine style with the Philips Trivia Night on the 19th of February.

The night was not restricted to just Rugby League questions. There was general knowledge, music, movies, television, geography and other sports.

Attendance was fantastic (over 160 people) and there was plenty of fun had by all. The winning team was made up primarily by our very own Front Row Forum International Rugby League Gurus or as they like to be know as "Fred and Betty's Love child".

There was a donut eating competition with the contestants racing to down three delicious Krispy Kremes in record time.

The official standings at the end of the night were:

Fred & Bettys Love Children112
Wogs & Dogs111
Clay Pigeons108
The Chicka Ferguson Experience104
Hindys Bum Crack98
An Old Lady and her Army97
Team Spews95
Odds On94
League it Alone92
Orgasimic Bumdancers86
Alcoholics Anonymous77

We would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors Philips who provided the major prizes including a DVD player and several CD players and radios. We would also like to thank Boost Communications for their pre-paid mobile phone packs.

Based on the success of the season launch, we are considering hosting similar events for the State of Origin and the NRL grand final. We will also be looking at hosting each event on either a Friday or Saturday night to allow more people to attend.

We would like your feedback on the season launch and the prospect of similar events in the future and when and where best to host them.

You can e-mail us at [email protected] with your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve things for future events.

Some pics of the night: