Panthers come from behind to keep finals hope alive

Fulltime score: Round 24 Penrith Panthers 22 v Brisbane Broncos 20

Match summary:

The Penrith Panthers have snatched a late come from behind victory over the Brisbane Broncos at Penrith Stadium this afternoon.

With the Broncos missing captain and leading playmaker Darren Lockyer and well down on their form, it was always going to be a battle and the Panthers prevailed to give themselves a slight hope of making the finals in the wake of Manly?s thrashing at the hands of Cronulla this afternoon.

If Penrith win their remaining two game and Manly lose and a couple of results go their way, they will make the finals which will be a remarkable achievement considering their season was over six weeks ago.

Brisbane?s season is turning pear shaped in a hurry and they could well find themselves in fourth position by seasons end if the three teams below them win their remaining two matches and that is the most likely scenario when you look at the form of the top four sides.

Scorers: PENRITH PANTHERS 22 Tries: Cross, Gower, Franze x 2 Goals: Campbell 3/4

BRISBANE BRONCOS 20 Tries: Hodges, Bott, Tate, Thorn Goals: Seymour 2/5

Penrith Football Stadium Referee: Shayne Hayne Crowd: 15,000 (aaprox)

Live commentary: 1st min: We are underway at Penrith Staidum this afternoon for what promises to be an open an exciting match with plenty to play for for both sides.

3rd min: TRY - Broncos. Justin Hodges gets the Broncos opening try. Conversion unsuccessful. Broncos 4-0.

10th min: Still no change in the score.

20th min: The Broncos are looking good but unable to get across the stripe to extend their lead.

23rd min: Try - Broncos. Explosive winger Leon Bott scores to extend the Broncos lead. Conversion unsuccessful. Broncos 8-0.

31st min: TRY - Panthers. Matthew Cross scores to open the Panthers account. Conversion successful. Broncos 8-6.

37th min: TRY - Panthers. Craig Gower propels the Panthers into the lead just before half time. Conversion successful. Panthers 12-8.

40th min: PENALTY GOAL - Panthers. Campbell pushes the Panthers lead out to a convetred try right on half time. Panthers 14-8.

41st min: We are underway in the second half.

46th min: Still no change in the half time score.

52nd min: PENALTY GOAL - Broncos. Seymour edges the Broncos closer and within a converted try. Panthers 14-10.

60th min: No change in the score as we enter the final quarter of the match. Panthers 14-10.

65th min: Time is starting to work against the Broncos with fifteen minutes remaining.

66th min: TRY - Broncos. Brent Tate scores to level the game. Conversion unsuccessful. 14 all.

70th min: TRY - Broncos. Brad Thorn scores to give the Broncos the lead with ten to play. Conversion successful. Broncos 20-14.

75th min: TRY - Panthers. Paul Franze scores to give us an interesting finish with five minutes remaining. Conversion unsuccessful. Broncos 20-18.

80th min: TRY - Panthers. Paul Franze gets a double in thelast five minutes to give the Panthers the match and give the Broncos a lot of headaches as they have come back to the pack just weeks out from the finals. Conversion unsuccessful. Panthers 22-20.

----------------------------------------- players of the match: 3 - P Campbell (Panthers) 2 - P Franze (Panthers) 1 - B Thorn (Broncos) -----------------------------------------