Panthers farewell leaving group in style

Penrith have finished 2013 on a high with a 38-26 victory over the Manly Sea Eagles at Brookvale Oval.

Manly decided to rest several of their starters including Brett Stewart and Brenton Lawrence. It was the young winger who came in, Clint Gutherson who opened the scoring after the classic Manly backline play.

David Williams got in the act for the Sea Eagles second after the defense forced an errant pass allowing him to streak away for an 80 metre try closing the gap on David Simmons for top try-scorer.

The Manly attacking machine clicked into gear in the opening half an hour with Daly Cherry-Evans steering the side around. He showed his running ability with a solo effort that sliced open the Panthers defense.

They may be leaving at the end of season 2013 but Lachlan Coote and Luke Walsh combined to open the Panthers account. Walsh kicking for his fullback who gave him the return ball for the score.

James Segeyaro would be able to sell ice to an eskimo with how many defenders he fools every week. The defense rushed up on the hooker and he dummied to dive over to reduce the gap to 16-12 going into halftime.

Penrith opened the second half much brighter marching downfield in the first set and allowing winger James Roberts to produce a superman effort to give Penrith the lead.

Manly would lean on their experienced hands to get themselves back into the lead as Matt Ballin took it down the shortside to send Steve Matai in to wrest the lead away from the visitors.

You would be mistaken to think that Penrith were the side going into the semi finals as another of the players leaving crossed.
Once again Luke Walsh was involved using slight of hand to send Clint Newton charging away for a TRY to swing the lead again.

Luke Walsh added a penalty goal to stretch the lead out to six with ten minutes left in the contest. Penrith were looking to finish the season on a high while Manly want momentum heading into the finals series.

The home side showed they would be a thorn in the side of any side in the finals series. Following a spill from Josh Mansour, Jamie Lyon drew his defender and sent David Williams away for his 19th try of the season to draw level with David Simmons and the Panthers. Manly hoped to break the resistance of the visitors.

Panthers had their resistance bent but not broken as they scored twice in the final five minutes to send all the leaving players out on a high.

First it was the harlem globetrotter style passes taking them from left to right before Luke Walsh kicked for Dean Whare to walk the winning try in. Mose Masoe put the icing on the cake with a simple charging run to put the final scoreline out to 38 points to 26.

The victory will be some consolation for a Panthers side heading into their off season while Manly will travel to Allianz Stadium next Saturday night to face minor premiers, Sydney Roosters.

Match Details
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 26 Penrith Panthers 38
Venue: Brookvale Oval
Crowd: 0
Halftime Score: Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 16-12 Players of the Match:
3 points - Luke Walsh
2 points - Mose Masoe
1 point - Jamie Lyon

Tries: Daly Cherry-Evans, Clint Gutherson, David Williams (2), Steve Matai
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (3/5)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Luke Walsh, James Segeyaro, Josh Mansour, Clint Newton, Dean Whare, Mose Masoe
Field Goals:
Conversions: Luke Walsh (5/5), Clint Newton (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Luke Walsh (1/1) Live Commentary

TEAM NEWS: Penrith are unchanged and will take the field 1-17 with Nathan Smith dropping off the bench. Manly are unconfirmed at this stage.

Sea Eagles: 1. Peta Hiku 19. Clint Gutherson 3. Jamie Lyon 4. Steve Matai 5. David Williams 6. Kieran Foran 7. Daly Cherry-Evans 17. George Rose 9. Matt Ballin 10. Brent Kite 11. David Gower 12. Justin Horo 13. Glenn Stewart
Interchange: 2. Tom Symonds 15. James Hasson 14. Richie Fa'aoso 21. Jake Trbojevic

Panthers: 1. Lachlan Coote 2. Josh Mansour 3. Brad Tighe 4. Dean Whare 5. David Simmons 6. Isaac John 7. Luke Walsh 8. Sam McKendry 9. Kevin Kingston (c) 10. Nigel Plum 11. Lewis Brown 12. Sika Manu 13. Ryan Simpkins
Interchange 14. James Segeyaro 15. Clint Newton 16. Jeremy Latimore 17. Mose Masoe
Welcome to a cloudy Brookvale Oval for the opening game of the final day of the regular season. Manly who are confirmed in the top four host Penrith who are playing for nothing but pride. It is also a farewell for Brent Kite and George Rose on the Manly side with Clint Newton leaving for the away side.

MAN: Some mass changes for the home side, Clint Gutherson and Jake Trbojevic will make their DEBUT today. The former on the wing in place of Tom Symonds and the other on the bench. George Rose starts at prop in place of Brenton Lawrence with Tom Symonds going to the bench.

PEN: No changes they are 1-17.
Here come the Panthers onto Brookvale in their white away strip led out by re-signed captain Kevin Kingston. Next comes the familiar riff of Eagle Rock signalling the entrance of Manly who will be looking to secure third place led out by captain Jamie Lyon.
Manly have taken position on the halfway and kick-off. Penrith with first use.
2 min: Manly are on point early here - stretching the Panthers defense but David Williams knocks on.
3 min: PENALTY Panthers - to the displeasure of the crowd.
4 min: Almost! Luke Walsh prises an opening but the offload is spilled.
6 min: Dear oh dear, forward pass from dummy half. Manly will come right back on the attack now.
7 min: Flat ball for George who eyes the try-line in his final game, spills it.
Daly Cherry-Evans kicks a 40/20.
Perfect placement from Cherry-Evans there getting the 40/20.
Scored by Clint Gutherson. Conversion attempt by Jamie Lyon unsuccessful.
It's a play Manly use often just the personnel changed. Matai to Hiku to Gutherson who just had to sprint to the line for his first NRL TRY. Jamie Lyon from the sideline pushes it wide left.
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 4-0
VIDEO REFEREE: We're going upstairs for a David Williams runaway try, checking if Jamie Lyon touched it.
Scored by David Williams. Conversion attempt by Jamie Lyon successful.
GREEN LIGHTS.. TRY! Nothing wrong with it, David Williams swooped on a loose pass as Penrith pushed one pass too many. He evaded Lewis Brown and the rest was history. An easier conversion for Lyon and he slots it.
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 10-0
18 min: Manly are opening the Panthers at will now but some good defense from the edge defenders force Cherry-Evans over the sideline.
20 min: A nice stabbing kick from Jamie Lyon traps Lachlan Coote. First dropout of the game coming.
22 min: Whoops Kieran Foran placed the kick too deep but he is reprieved from Brad Tighe spilling his lollies. Second dropout incoming.
23 min: PENALTY Manly - They are piling on the pressure now.
Scored by Daly Cherry-Evans. Conversion attempt by Jamie Lyon successful.
Cherry-Evans feigned to his defenders went himself and the defense opened like Sydney Heads allowing him to slice through for the TRY. Lyon from mid-range on the right puts it over.
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 16-0
27 min: Glenn Stewart is OFFSIDE so Penrith PENALTY.
28 min: Mose Masoe has two runs for two PENALTIES. This time was for a second effort.
Scored by Luke Walsh. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
That was a good farewell play for Coote and Walsh. Walsh slides a grubber through for Coote who flicks it back to the half for the points. Walsh converts his own try.
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 16-6
Scored by James Segeyaro. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
He's made a career of this James Segeyaro. He saw the defence coming up, dummied and TRY. Penrith are back into the contest here. Walsh converts.
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 16-12
36 min: The temperature has risen in this contest now! Mose Masoe comes from the melee smiling and nodding his head. Replays suggest there was some niggle going on in the tackle. No PENALTY just a warning for Masoe and Hasson. In all this, it is a scrum to Manly.
37 min: Sea Eagles tried the quick hands but Lyon's last pass is forward. Panthers scrum.
38 min: Is there soap on the ball? Segeyaro knocks it on now.
38 min: PENALTY Manly - a whole set on the Panthers try-line coming.
39 min: Face ball from Cherry-Evans to Glenn Stewart is knocked on.
40 min: HALFTIME - Manly lead 16-12 in a half where each side dominated twenty minutes.
41 min: We're back here at Brookvale for the second half! Manly have taken position at the northern end and will receive. Panthers kick-off their final 40 minutes of 2013!
42 min: PENALTY Panthers - offside followed by ten more metres for throwing the ball away.
VIDEO REFEREE: Upstairs to see if Josh Mansour has produced a superman dive for the try.
Scored by Josh Mansour. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
GREEN LIGHTS.. TRY! Wingers are amazing these days, Mansour got the cut-out pass and just eyed the try-line and got there despite the attention of Jamie Lyon. Luke Walsh has a kick to give Penrith the lead here.. he steps up and swings it inside the uprights!
Penrith Panthers 18-16
46 min: PENALTY Sea Eagles - the crowd enjoyed that.
50 min: Panthers working it out but a spill by Sam McKendry.
52 min: Tom Symonds tries to spin and pass it only trickles out for a knock on. DCE is down receiving attention but will be ok.
Scored by Steve Matai. Conversion attempt by Jamie Lyon unsuccessful.
Quick hands down the shortside sent Gutherson tip-toeing down the sideline, he found Matai who slams the ball down! Lyon from the sideline was swinging in but hit the upright.
Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles 20-18
58 min: PENALTY Sea Eagles - second effort from Isaac John.
60 min: Safe coverage from Lachlan Coote - Another dropout coming for the Sea Eagles.
61 min: The smallest bobble but they all count! Panthers will breathe a sigh of relief from that Williams knock on.
63 min: George Rose getting in there at dummy-half, slight knock on.
64 min: Bang! Strong tackle from George Rose that knocks Sam McKendry off his feet. Referee calls a shoulder charge so PENALTY. Segeyaro takes the tap.
Scored by Clint Newton. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Luke Walsh created that with his slight of hand - he feigned to go left but went inside for Newton to crash over! Walsh converts and the Panthers are four points ahead!
Penrith Panthers 24-20
67 min: SIX MORE as the pass was touched..
68 min: PENALTY as well, DCE with a second effort.
69 min: Some luck for Penrith as the pass was errant but they get a PENALTY.
69 min: Luke Walsh walks up and points to the sticks..
Penalty goal attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Walsh pilots it through to make it six the difference.
Penrith Panthers 26-20
72 min: Josh Mansour spills it. Here comes Manly's chance.
VIDEO REFEREE: Upstairs for a possible David Williams TRY.. checking everyone's favourite play, the obstruction.
Scored by David Williams. Conversion attempt by Jamie Lyon successful.
GREEN LIGHTS.. TRY! Nothing wrong with it, Jamie Lyondrew his defender and put Williams in to draw level with David Simmons in the top try-scoring stakes. Jamie Lyon with the kick to lock us up put it straight over the black dot.
26 all
Scored by Dean Whare. Conversion attempt by Luke Walsh successful.
Penrith threw about five hail mary passes in that play - Luke Walsh knew where to go though, he saw Dean Whare unmarked and kicked it to his chest for the possible match winner! Luke Walsh converts.
Penrith Panthers 32-26
79 min: Short kick-off is no good, Penrith recover.
Scored by Mose Masoe. Conversion attempt by Clint Newton successful.
There is a farewell gift for Masoe! He charged onto the ball and wasn't going to be stopped before he slammed the ball down. Clint Newton converts his farewell kick. FULLTIME
Penrith Panthers 38-26