Penalties and injuries weaken Wests

Brisbane looked dominate early as tries came through Corey Norman and Matt Gillett. Scott Prince two shocking attempts at conversion and the Broncos lead 8-0 after 11 minutes.

Penalties, injuries and knock ons were the theme of the game, with the referees blowing their whistle for 8 penalties after just 22 minutes.

Everytime Wests looked attacking, they could not complete their attempts at scoring, losing the ball and not kicking the ball into touch for penalties.

The first of Wests' injury concerns occured late in the first half as Chris Lawrence came off with a hamstring injury. But Wests' finally converted an opportunity near their goal line and scored through Matt Utai. This made the half time score 14-4.

The second half began with end to end football and Wests managed to cross the line but were denied because of double movement.

At the 60th minute, Tim Moltzen went down in back play and replays showed that he stepped wrong on his left leg and immediately fell to the ground in discomfort. He was noticeably devastated as he had suffered the same injury because. He managed to walk off the field but it was later reported he had done his ACL on the same leg as last time.

Wests got back in the game with a try to Shaun Spence at the 64th minute and were only 4 points behind Brisbane.

Blake Ayshford went down injured in the 73rd minute and was assisted from the field with a lower left leg injury which seems to be a broken leg or ankle.

Brisbane scored a late try through Justin Hodges to make the final score 20-10.

Match Details
Wests Tigers 10 Brisbane Broncos 20
Venue: Campbelltown Stadium
Crowd: 11547
Halftime Score: Brisbane Broncos 14-4 Players of the Match:
3 points - Justin Hodges
2 points - Matt Gillett
1 point - Robbie Farah

Tries: Matt Utai, Shaun Spence
Field Goals:
Conversions: Tim Moltzen (0/1), Curtis Sironen (1/1)
Penalty Goals:

Tries: Corey Norman, Matt Gillett (2), Justin Hodges
Field Goals:
Conversions: Scott Prince (1/3), Corey Parker (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Corey Parker (0/1) Live Commentary

Tigers: 1. James Tedesco 2. Joel Reddy 3. Blake Ayshford 4. Chris Lawrence 5. Matt Utai 6. Curtis Sironen 7. Tim Moltzen 8. Aaron Woods 9. Robbie Farah 10. Jack Buchanan 11. Bodene Thompson 12. Adam Blair 13. Matt Bell
Interchange: 14. Ben Murdoch-Masila 15. Eddy Pettybourne 16. Shaun Spence 17. Liam Fulton 18. Sauaso Sue 19. Ava Seumanufagai

Broncos: 1. Corey Norman 2. Josh Hoffman 3. Jack Reed 4. Justin Hodges 5. Lachlan Maranta 6. Scott Prince 7. Peter Wallace 8. Ben Hannant 9. Andrew McCullough 10. Sam Thaiday (C) 11. Alex Glenn 12. Matt Gillett 13. Corey Parker
Interchange: 14. Ben Hunt 15. Scott Anderson 16. David Hala 17. Josh McGuire 18. Nick Slyney
Welcome to Campbelltown as the Wests Tigers take on the Brisbane Broncos
The teams are on the field and the Broncos will kick off and run left to right this first half.
1 min: Wests complete their first set and Brisbane are already back on half way.
2 min: PENALTY WESTS - Brisbane put the ball up high. Thaiday catches it but is offside. Wests on halfway.
4 min: Brisbane keep Wests in goal and earn a repeat set.
Scored by Corey Norman. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince unsuccessful.
Norman slices through the Wests defence. Prince's conversion is short of the posts.
Brisbane Broncos 4-0
8 min: Brisbane almost achieve a 40/20 but Tedesco bats it back in field and recovers the ball just in time.
9 min: PENALTY WESTS - Thaiday is penalised for being in the play the ball area.
9 min: PENALTY BRISBANE - Wests quickly lose the ball and are now penalised for offside.
Scored by Matt Gillett. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince unsuccessful.
Gillett after some great passing opens up a big hole in Wests' left side defence. Prince misses his second kick from as many attempts.
Brisbane Broncos 8-0
13 min: PENALTY BRISBANE - Wests slowing down the play.
14 min: Parker runs it on the last tackle but he is held up 2m from the line.
15 min: PENALTY WESTS - Thaiday has his hand on the ball.
16 min: Moltzen kicks the ball high in the air and after some pat backs of the ball, Tedesco is pulled up 2m from the line.
16 min: PENALTY BRISBANE - Spence is penalised for staying down too long.
Corey Norman makes an unforced error.
A late call from the referee for a forward pass from Norman to Hodges.
20 min: PENALTY BRISBANE - High tackle by Fulton
21 min: Wallace kicks high in the air and Maranta catches the ball right on the line but can't get the footy down.
21 min: PENALTY WESTS - The penalties continue. This time to Wests. That's 8 penalties in 22 minutes.
Tim Moltzen makes an unforced error.
Moltzen loses control of the ball at the play the ball.
24 min: Frantic last tackle play by Brisbane forces Reed to kick the ball and then trap Tedesco in goal.
25 min: PENALTY BRISBANE - Wests are penalised for pushing the Brisbane player playing the ball. They tap and go, 10m out.
Scored by Matt Gillett. Conversion attempt by Corey Parker successful.
After some twists and turns, Hodges offloads to Gillett who scores his second of the night. Corey Parker takes over the kicking duties and slots it through.
Brisbane Broncos 14-0
29 min: PENALTY WESTS - Brisbane held on too long and Wests are within attacking territory.
30 min: And it's short lived. Wests are digging their own hole as they hand the ball back to Brisbane.
Lachlan Maranta makes an unforced error.
Maranta tries to pat the ball backwards but it goes forward. Changeover to Wests.
Robbie Farah makes an unforced error.
On the last tackle, Farah loses control of the ball and hands it over to Brisbane.
Lachlan Maranta makes an unforced error.
The winger knocks on the last tackle and hands it over to Wests
34 min: Wests finally complete a set through a long and high kick by Tim Moltzen.
35 min: Wallace's kick is way too long and rolls over the dead ball line.
36 min: PENALTY WESTS - They kick long for the penalty but can't find touch. Brisbane return the ball and are on halfway.
37 min: Reed just misses out on scoring just before half time. Reddy catches the ball in-goal and Wests work their way down the field.
37 min: Chris Lawrence is OFF with injury. Left hamstring.
38 min: Wests are finally within 20m of the line.
Scored by Matt Utai. Conversion attempt by Tim Moltzen unsuccessful.
Some lovely passes and wrap around footy means Matt Utai finally breaks the line and scores. Moltzen is the goal kicker tonight and it goes to the left.
Brisbane Broncos 14-4
40 min: Players are back out on the field. Chris Lawrence has a corked thigh and is hopeful to return in this second half.
40 min: Brisbane receive the ball and quickly complete a good set to start the second half.
42 min: Brisbane go from sideline to sideline as they make their way down the field.
43 min: Utai can't hold onto the ball as Brisbane put it in the air. Brisbane with the ball, 10m out and a real chance to start this second half well.
44 min: PENALTY BRISBANE - Penalties start again and Brisbane have another six tackles.
45 min: Gillett looking for a hat trick but can't get the ball down. On the last tackle, Utai has to make the ball dead and Brisbane get a repeat set.
Josh McGuire makes an unforced error.
A high pass causes McGuire to jump for the ball and he can't control it.
48 min: Wests complete their best set of the match and have Brisbane stuck in their own 20m.
50 min: Farah puts up a high kick and Murdoch-Masila catches it on the full. He can't get over the line though. Change over.
50 min: PENALTY BRISBANE - the whistle is back and Brisbane are back on half way.
52 min: PENATLY WESTS - Referee sees that Maranta took Tedesco in the air.
52 min: PENALTY WESTS - Another penalty. This time, Hannant too long on the tackled player.
54 min: After a shotty kick from Moltzen that went backwards, lots of offloads and eventually a kick from Farah completes Wests' set.
55 min: Farah somehow comes up with the ball and they have a scrum, 20m out.
56 min: PENALTY WESTS - Another set of six for the Tigers right on the goal line.
57 min: VIDEO REFEREE WESTS - Referee says try and is asking for ground and onside to be checked.
57 min: NO TRY WESTS - Double movement rules out a try to Sue. Penalty Brisbane.
58 min: Norman puts the ball in the air but they can't win it back.
59 min: Chris Lawrence will NOT return. Left hamstring problem.
60 min: Moltzen is down in back play as time is off. Left knee problem. He is obviously in pain.
60 min: Moltzen is walking off the field but is noticeably upset.
60 min: Good crowd of 11,547 have turned up to Campbelltown tonight.
62 min: VIDEO REFEREE WESTS - The ball has hit the crossbar and Norman was unable to hold the ball. Checking the collision and grounding.
Scored by Shaun Spence. Conversion attempt by Curtis Sironen successful.
The try is given and Wests are back in the game.
Brisbane Broncos 14-10
65 min: Wests almost make it back-to-back tries but couldn't reach the line.
66 min: Suspected ACL for Tim Moltzen on the same knee he injured a few years ago.
66 min: PENALTY BRISBANE - Hand on the ball too long. Corey Parker going for the two points.
Penalty goal attempt by Corey Parker unsuccessful.
The kick goes to the left and misses the uprights.
Brisbane Broncos 14-10
68 min: The drop out from the 20m line goes 70m!
Lachlan Maranta makes an unforced error.
The winger drops the ball off a Farah kick. Wests with a real chance to lock the game up.
71 min: Wests try some razzle dazzle but hand the ball back to Brisbane.
71 min: VIDEO REFEREE BRISBANE - Referee says try and wants to check grounding and onside.
71 min: NO TRY BRISBANE - Accidental offside. Brisbane scrum.
Sam Thaiday makes an unforced error.
Thaiday gets a horrible pass and loses the ball.
73 min: INJURY: Blake Ayshford has stay down after getting tackled.
73 min: Blake Ayshford is getting helped off the field with a right knee injury. Not looking good for Wests at all.
Scored by Justin Hodges. Conversion attempt by Scott Prince successful.
Hodges dummies from the play the ball and slides over the goal line. Prince takes over kicking again and slots it through.
Brisbane Broncos 20-10
77 min: PENALTY BRISBANE - Brisbane have 10 penalties for the night.
77 min: Fox Sports & Triple M reporting that Blake Ayshford has a possible broken leg.
79 min: Wests will finish the game with the ball.
FULL TIME: In an injury and penalty ridden game, Brisbane Broncos have won 20-10 over Wests Tigers infront of 11,547 fans at Campbelltown Sports Stadium.