Raiders side for Cowboys clash

Canberra have named a seven man bench for this weekends do or die clash against fellow strugglers, the North Queensland Cowboys. Canberra have reached desperation stakes for their game and if they lose, any remote chance of making the top eight will surely disappear. If Canberra are made of sterner stuff, and they assure us they are, a comprehensive victory here is the only acceptable outcome for what has been a horror season to date.

1. Clinton Schifcofske 2. Michael Robertson 3. Greg Wolfgramm 4. Phil Graham 5. Jamaal Lolesi 6. Mark McLinden 7. Brett Finch 8. Ruben Wiki 9. Simon Woolford 10. Ryan O'Hara 11. Terry Martin 12. Michael Hodgson 13. Jason Croker

Reserves 14. Alan Tongue 15. Troy Thompson 16. Darren Porter 17. Mark Bryant 18. Michael Monaghan 19. Odell Manual 20. Rod Jensen