Robbo Reckons

It?s February and the trial games start in a couple of weeks so the players are keen to get amongst it after an off-season of hard work. I know I can?t wait to see some footy and see some of the new recruits in action for the first time. My off-season hasn?t been idle either under the watchful eye of the ?Minister for War? (The Misses)I have been slaving away getting my lawn and gardens up to scratch. After many back breaking hours working in the hot summer sun I?ll definitely be looking for an excuse to get away from the garden. She is a slave driver I tell you, it?s Peter do this Peter do that so blow that whistle ref and hurry up please?

An interesting battle looms for one our loyal supporters David Rohl. Dave has travelled and continues to travel from the Southside of Brisbane in to every Redcliffe game including Toowoomba, Rockhampton and Townsville most of the time in a battered old lime green ZG 1973 Fairlane since he was old enough to drive. Now you?d think he?d pop in and update to a brand new Suburu or Kia from the Keystar team wouldn?t you)he also is the webmaster and creator of the Dolphins website. He and his wife Katrina are expecting their first child this month and they are having a big blue over the baby?s name. Now David being a big Dolphins fan wants to name the baby if it?s a boy Troy Lindsay Rohl but his wife doesn?t share the same passion for the Dolphins that Dave does and has put her foot down, threatening all different kinds of action some that can?t be repeated in a family column like this one, hence the problem.Personally I don?t see the problem but I think Peter for a boy or Peta for a girl would be a much better option.

Speaking of Cowboy the whole squad ventured out to his property at Wamuran for early morning cross country run through the hills. The run took about 30-35 minutes to complete one lap and the boys done it twice. The second time Strength and Conditioning Coach Tony Guilfoyle made them go in groups of four and carry a 20kg weight around. I told you last month he was sadistic. Even the coaches and assistant coaches done the run except for me I had to work thankfully.

No ambulances were required this time which was a bonus on the last time we done this run. Newcomer Ryan Cullen looks like being the Club prankster after turning up to the run in an outfit that he looked like he walked off the set of Olivia Newton John?s film clip for let?s get physical, Flouro yellow running pants a singlet and a headband it was a shocker all he needed was the leg warmers. Another newcomer Shannon Fish displayed to everybody why footballers are not brain surgeons. A few of the boys were sitting around having a beer after a training session and somehow the discussion got onto the fairer sex, one of the boys was talking about the looks of the girls from Rome and Shannon pops up and says yeah those Romanian girls are really hot. Shannon I think you should have paid more attention in Geography classes at school.

Our first trial is on February 12 against Burleigh at Pizzey Park, talk about a tough ask there isn?t many tougher tasks in the Queensland Cup than Burleigh at Bear Park. The following week we take on Souths Logan at Dolphin Oval that?ll be your first chance to check out the new look line up so grab a mate and head on down.

I suspect there will be a few friendly text messages happening between the Reddy boys and Trent Leis in the week leading up to the game about what they?ll do to him when they get hold of him.

I can?t wait for the games to start bring it on.

Don?t forget if you want the best deal on a new or used car pop out and see the Keystar team. Until next month Cheers Robbo