Robbo Reckons

Whoooooooooooo!!! Gees it was finally good to see some footy action on the weekend even though it was a trial it was just good to see a live footy game.
I am a fan of the new strip the boys are now wearing it is very much like the old Dolphins strips from the late 70?s and 80?s. It was a fair crowd for a trial, about 2000 I?d say and although it wasn?t the Broncos big names I think there will be a few future stars come out of that lot. It was a decent hit out for the boys although the end of the game got a bit scrappy. The combinations will come and in a few weeks that?ll just be a distant memory.
Greg Bourke has bulked up a lot and not an ounce of fat (a lot like myself) I heard one guy quip he looks like he swallowed a body builder. It was good to see Mark Shipway back in Redcliffe colours after 10 years and didn?t he excite the pig pen with a few bone rattlers on the young Broncs.
I think the guys were really happy to be on the field without trainer Tony Guilfoyle putting them through some cruel and unusual punishment.
I was impressed with a few of the new players Pat Gardner now he likes a collision I think in his next life he will come back as a dodgem car or a wrecking ball, Kaine Manihera was good at times and I think our new half Marty Turner will get better and better each game for us. Alwyn Simpson in the reggies played well as did Phil Daisy, Michael Wilson and Tim Benson in the colts. Not that you could really class Tim as a new comer I remember when he was our mascot and led us out onto the field gees I am getting old.
Well it had to happen sooner or later and most of us expected sooner Shannon Fish has come out with another clanger that he is famous for when he was talking to a few of the boys after the game he was telling them how happy he was with his new girlfriend and how he wouldn?t be going out with them on that night, he said ?I am a one man women? somehow I think he meant one woman man but keep it up Fishy you give me plenty of material.
I attended the junior sign on day and once again I was blown away 200 new signings to the club the line up went for more than 50 metres and I think we signed up more than 700 kids on the day it was just amazing. Also how a bloke this guy I?m talking about Petero Civoniceva who gave up his own time to come along to the sign on and mix with both the kids and parents for over an hour. Petero of course is a local junior but these guys have so much dumped on them and don?t always get a lot of free time for him to do it I think was just great, and to see the smiles on the kids faces it was worth a million dollars.
Now one last thing I won?t mention names for fear of my safety who are the two former Dolphins hardmen who never gave an inch when they played who have sons playing in the juniors who are dying their hair, like I said I won?t mention names I might get my ears BOXed in and I can?t fight like WBO lightweight champion Artur GrIGorian.
Until next month
Cheers Robbo