The Other Side

With all the media space devoted to the indiscretions of players and former players recently, it was refreshing to see a story in our local paper showing the other side of player behaviour.

The story reported the visit of two players to a special school in the Newcastle region. The link for this story is below; I urge you to read it. It tells the rugby league story that the Four Corners "Code of Silence" programme chose to ignore. The photos below, which are quite touching, show the genuine joy the players brought to these children.

Kudos to the paper for reporting the visit. Reports such as these are rarely seen in the media, even though it is common place for the clubs to organise activities such as this.

Four Corners were present at this visit as part of their report on the Matthew Johns sex scandal. Reporter Sarah Ferguson said "the visit was very touching" and "it was a great scene, but unfortunately it didn't make it into the story".

A cynical person would say it didn