Tigers master wet conditions to score upset win

The Wests Tigers have scored a 17-12 upset win over the Wests Tigers/Canberra Raiders at a cold and wet Campbelltown Stadium in front of 7,833 fans.

Both sides eased into the game through the opening ten minutes with both sides playing a conservative game just working through their sets and it was the Tigers who showed their hand first with some early side to side play however it took until the 13th minute for the first points coming through Tigers winger David Nofaluma out wide after some near chances for the Tigers before then, Marshall was unable to convert.

From then on the Tigers were putting pressure on the Raiders defence however they coughed up possession too easily several time as well as penalties were helping the Raiders back up field and from that some good play from Reece Robinson set up Sandor Earl to score in the corner which was converted by Jarrod Croker for the Raiders to take the lead in the 28th minute of the game.

That was where the scoring finished for the first half though it wasn’t through a lack of trying from both sides but neither side had the attacking strength to penetrate the oppositions defensive line.
In the 36th minute Chris Lawrence was put on report for a high tackle that initially began as a head clash but as both players fell Lawrence made contact again with the head of the opposition player.

The second half started in pouring rain which had little effect on the play with some early pressure from the Raiders and after just three minutes Sami Sauiluma forced his way over the line only to be held up by some strong defense from Liam Fulton and Benji Marshall. Soon after that Benji Marshall was able to convert a penalty goal attempt to level the scores up at 6-6.

However the tied score didn’t last long with Anthony Milford scoring after Reece Robinson broke free from a tackle somewhat controversially as it looked like he had been tackled by the Tigers defence only to roll away and get up and run again and set up Milford to score under the posts to push the lead back to six points.

That was the final scoring play from the Raiders for the night and soon after that neither side really wanted to have the ball in hand with both sides looking to get early kicks in and put pressure on the opposition after each side had trouble holding the ball due to the wet conditions.

However the Tigers were able to make good field position during these plays and with some good lead up play from Benji Marshall and Curtis Sironen gave a flying Joel Reddy a one on one with Reece Robinson and Reddy had the momentum to get himself over the line and Marshall converted from wide out to level the scores up once more.

From the ensuing set Benji Marshall knew that the field goal was going to be a difference and took an attempt that ended up closer to the corner post than the goal posts and soon after that on the back of a penalty Marshall slotted the field goal from close range to give the home side a one point lead.

Penalties cost the Raiders the match as the Marshall Field Goal came off a penalty and on the set after the kick off Joel Thompson was penalised and put on report for a shoulder charge on Benji Marshall whilst he was kicking and soon after that Tim Simona scored a try out wide that pushed the margin to five however Marshall couldn’t convert which gave the Raiders the sniff of a grandstand finish but wasn’t to be meaning the Tigers scored a 17-12 win.

Next week neither side has an easy game with the Tigers playing at Leichhardt Oval against the Melbourne Storm meanwhile the Raiders have what could be seen as the toughest task of the round with another away game this time against the competition leaders the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Match Details
Wests Tigers 17 Canberra Raiders 12
Venue: Campbelltown Stadium
Crowd: 7833
Halftime Score: Canberra Raiders 6-4

LeagueUnlimited.com Players of the Match:
3 points - Benji Marshall
2 points - Curtis Sironen
1 point - Anthony Milford

Tries: David Nofoaluma, Joel Reddy, Tim Simona
Field Goals: Benji Marshall (1/1)
Conversions: Benji Marshall (1/3)
Penalty Goals: Benji Marshall (1/1)

Tries: Sandor Earl, Anthony Milford
Field Goals:
Conversions: Jarrod Croker (1/1), Benji Marshall (1/1)
Penalty Goals:

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary

A Condensed round 15 sees just the one Saturday night game, tonight at Campbelltown Stadium, TEAM CHANGES - Tigers Sean Meaney in for James Tedesco, Eddie Pettybourne out with Chris Lawrence coming into the side
1 min: Play underway at Campbelltown Stadium - Canberra Raiders defending the southern end have first posession
2 min: Both sides complete their first set comfortably, just easing into the game
4 min: Neither side really showing any flair in attack, both sides definitely trying to just warm into the game
5 min: Tigers looking to spread it wide twice in the previous set once to each side though Raiders defence has no problems with it
6 min: Terry Campese sends the kick too long and Tigers get easy passage back to the 20m for the optional restart
7 min: Curtis Sironen puts a kick through and finds touch 18m out from the Raiders line
9 min: Tim Simona goes up to take the Josh McCrone bomb but loses it behind him luckily for him it was cleaned up by a Tigers teammate
Jarrod Croker makes an unforced error.
Josh McCrone throws a long pass that bounces away from Josh McCrone who knocks on in the clean, Tigers have the feed on halfway
11 min: Curtis Sironen goes very close to scoring but the strength of 4 defenders holds him out, the next play a rebound off the feet of Terry Campese and grounding by a raiders teammate gives the Tigers a repeat set
Scored by David Nofoaluma. Conversion attempt by Benji Marshall unsuccessful.
A stumbling David Nofoaluma powers his way through two Raiders tacklers to slam the ball down and get the Tigers the early lead
Wests Tigers 4-0
14 min: Tigers with a good set, getting to halfway before Benji Marshall puts a kick in that is cleaned up by Sandor Earl 5m out from his own line
16 min: PENALTY RAIDERS - Raiders get the first penalty of the much and go on the attack with the set starting 30m out
Brett White makes an unforced error.
Brett White goes right to the line however he drops the ball (or possibly knocked out) trying to score
18 min: PENALTY TIGERS - Raiders penalised for being too slow away from the tackle, players get a bit heated afterwards but referees straight onto it
David Nofoaluma makes an unforced error.
Benji Marshall puts a kick over into the corner but doesn't get cleaned up by David Nofoaluma, Raiders have the scrum feed 10m out from their own line
22 min: PENALTY RAIDERS - Sue Penalised for being too slow away from the tackle
25 min: PENALTY RAIDERS - Tigers penalised again for being too slow away from the tackle, penalty count now 4-1
Scored by Sandor Earl. Conversion attempt by Jarrod Croker successful.
Some excellent play from Reece Robinson and Jack Wighton in the lead up gives Sandor Earl a try in the corner to give the Raiders the lead after the conversion
Canberra Raiders 6-4
Sandor Earl makes an unforced error.
Sandor Earl goes up for the bomb but knocks into the Tigers defender, Tigers get the handover 10m out
30 min: PENALTY TIGERS - Raiders penalised after a Tigers player lands awkwardly on his head, Tigers on the attack
Liam Fulton makes an unforced error.
Benji Marshall throws a ball to a hard running Liam Fulton who can't take it, Raiders with the scrum feed 10m out
33 min: Sean Meaney takes the ball just short of his own ingoal and then gets pushed back over the deadball line by Jack Wighton meanwhile not good news for Tigers fans with Masada Isoefa coming off the field with what looks to be a broken arm
36 min: PENALTY RAIDERS - Chris Lawrence penalised for a high tackle, initial contact looked to be a head clash before a slap on the face as they both fell, Lawrence on report
36 min: PENALTY TIGERS - Terry Campese penalised
38 min: Tigers not having much luck, trying to keep the ball alive but to no avail flicks back to the Raiders defenders
Sean Meaney makes an unforced error.
Sean Meaney makes a meal off a simple pick up and gives the Raiders a chance before halftime
Ben Murdoch-Masila makes an unforced error.
Ben Murdoch-Masila drops the ball, Raiders pack the scrum with just 1 second on the clock
40 min: HALF TIME at Campbelltown Stadium with the Canberra Raiders leading by 6-4 over the Wests Tigers
41 min: Second half underway Tigers to have the first possession as the rain is beginning to fall
Sean Meaney makes an unforced error.
Sean Meaney makes an error from dummy half, compounding pressure on his side
43 min: VIDEO REFEREE - Checking a possible Sami Sauiluma try, checking grounding, Referee Alan Shortall has said NO TRY on tackle 3
Penalty goal attempt by Benji Marshall successful.
Benji Marshall converts the penalty to level the scores up
6 all
50 min: A Chip and chase followed by a second kick forces Tim Simona to go back and clean it up and is tackled in his own goal
54 min: Under pressure Anthony Milford takes an amazing catch in the wet off the tigers bomb
54 min: Both sides testing their opposition with high kicks in the wet, this time its let bounce by the Tigers and Adam Blair gets in the way of the Raiders and Tigers clean it up
Scored by Anthony Milford. Conversion attempt by Benji Marshall successful.
Anthony Milford scores after Reece Robinson rolls out of a tackle which on replay looked to be held, Tigers penalised for not playing the whistle
Canberra Raiders 12-6
Sean Meaney makes an unforced error.
Sean Meaney makes another error tonight, dropping the ball close to the Raiders line
63 min: Neither side looking like they want to run with the ball, both sides putting kicks in before the last tackle
Scored by Joel Reddy. Conversion attempt by Benji Marshall successful.
Joel Reddy scores after Benji Marshall gives the ball to Curtis Sironen who finds a charging Joel Reddy who takes on Reece Robinson and gets over the line
12 all
66 min: Benji with a "field goal" attempt that was so bad that it ended up a good kick to the corner
70 min: PENALTY TIGERS - Raiders penalised for a strip
Field goal attempt by Benji Marshall successful.
Benji Marshall takes advantage of the Raiders being on the backfoot to slot the one point to take the lead back
Wests Tigers 13-12
73 min: Benji Marshall puts a kick through and finds touch however after replays Joel Thompson is penalised for a shoulder on Benji Marshall as he kicked the ball
75 min: VIDEO REFEREE - Checking a possible Tim Simona try, checking onside from the kick and grounding, Adam Devcich says TRY
Scored by Tim Simona. Conversion attempt by Benji Marshall unsuccessful.
Tim Simona gets the green lights from the video referees, Marshall misses the conversion to push the margin beyond a converted try
Wests Tigers 17-12
78 min: Inside the final 2 minutes, Raiders on the attack after back to back Penalties against the Raiders
80 min: FULL TIME at Campbelltown Stadium and a strong Benji Marshall kicking game has helped his side to a 17-12 upset win over the Canberra Raiders