Tomahawks training camp huge success in Philadelphia

The USA Tomahawks preparation for the RLWC Qualifiers at the end of the year took a giant step forward as forty five of the leagues established and up and coming stars, assembled at the first mini camp of 2007 in Philadelphia, PA. With competition for positions on the World Cup squad the most highly contested ever in the short history of the AMNRL, all players had been put on notice to prepare and perform as the first of a season long series of evaluations was hosted at superb facilities at Tri State Sports and Swarthmore College. A number of regular Tomahawks players were unavailable and as a result the selection door was left ajar for numerous players to press their claims as the coaching staff was tremendously impressed with the effort and abilities of those who assembled. The coaching staff made it clear to every player in the AMNRL that given the quality of personnel available to represent the USA playing in the NRL and SLE that only players with 100% commitment would be considered for selection to the RLWC squad. Day One saw players form all over the USA hone their skills in a number of intense offensive/defensive workouts, fitness evaluators, and skills/drills activities that prepared them for small/large group game situations on Day Two. Skills groups were managed in a number of key areas- SKILL SESSION BREAKDOWN: SESSION A - ATTACKING THE RUCK

Play the Ball

Dummy Half Pass

Running in Possession / Body Position

The Ruck in Attack


Marker Tackles

Ruck Tackles

Controlling the Play the Ball


Running Pass

Quick Hands

Lines and Angles

Small sided games (game sense)

Competition Drill


Edge Tackles

Making Decisions

Defending Together

Competition Drill



Bump and Offload

Support Play

The coaching staff comprised of: Bill Hansbury, Adam Nable, Stephen Niu, Mike Camac, Rich Portale, Gulliame Cieutat, David Bowe, Peter Illfield, David Niu, Ron Artingstall, Jeff Rogg. The first mini camp was a tremendous success and a number of players were identified as future stars of the AMNRL and candidates for the USA Tomahawks RLWC campaign with further evaluation to take place over the coming weeks. With the 2007 season scheduled to kick off in the first week of June, players at this camp will certainly be in a great position to present their skills over the course of the opening rounds of the competition prior to the second mini camp in NYC on July 9 and 10.