Victorious Broncos celebrate Petero's 300th

The Brisbane Broncos have celebrated veteran Petero Civoniceva's 300th NRL match with a 26-12 vicotry over the South Sydney Rabbitohs in front of 33,602 fans at Suncorp Stadium

A poor start was had by both sides, noted mostly by the Rabbitohs kick off going out on the full. The Broncos powered through their sets in the second half to claim three unanswered tries.

It was a battle of field position for most the evening, and the home side managed to keep the Rabbitohs in their own half for the majority. 

Justin Hodges posted first points of the night as he claimed his try off a lovely Corey Norman kick. Video referee awarded the try after Justin Hunt was unable to ground it in goal. Corey Parker failed to convert, Broncos led 4-0 after 21 minutes.

A power step from Rabbitohs' Chris McQueen gave his side hope with a late four-pointer just before the half time break. Adam Reynolds slot the extras to take the lead at the break, 6-4 over the Broncos.

The Broncos showed patches of brilliance in the second half with some miraculous tries. The first scored by Alex Glenn as he sailed through the air to bring up their third try. Parker with the conversion extended the lead to four points, Broncos 10-6 after 44 minutes.

Nathan Merritt shocked the Broncos attack with a 90 metre intercept try. Merritt pluck the ball off the Norman pass and streaked away to give the Rabbitohs the lead again. Rabbitohs ahead 12-10 after eight of the second half.

A questionable call saw Dale Copley slide in for his own try after he received a wayward pass from his inside centre in Jack Reed. The try awarded and the Broncos in front again, 16-12 with 20 minutes on the clock.

On many occasions Andrew McCullough darted out of acting half to try and put his name on the board. However, on the third attempt he provided the foundation for Corey Norman to score a magic try off a short stab kick. Broncos well in front, 22-12 inside the final 15 minutes.

In a sign which showed the Broncos were committed for the full 80 minutes. Ben Te'o busted the line to score off a lovely waited pass from Peter Wallace. In honour of his 300th NRL match, Petero Civoniceva was given the attempt at goal, it was in vain as it swung away as the siren sounded.

At full time, the Brisbane Broncos defeated the South Sydney Rabbitohs with a strong second half 26-12. Credit to the Souths side, after a load of possession against them in the first half their defence held the Broncos to 4 points.

Once again next week the Broncos will have a Friday Night fixture at Suncrop Stadium as they host the Cronulla Sharks. While the Rabbitohs will return to ANZ Stadium when they do battle with the Penrith Panthers come Sunday Afternoon.

Match Details
Brisbane Broncos 26 defeated South Sydney Rabbitohs 12
National Rugby League - Round 16 - Friday June 22, 2012 7:30pm
Venue: Suncorp Stadium
Referee: Tony Archer and Chris James
Video Referee: Steve Clark
Touch Judges: Paul Holland and Jeff Younis
Crowd: 33,602
Halftime: Brisbane Broncos 4 South Sydney Rabbitohs 6 players of the match:
3 Points - Josh McGuire
2 Points - Corey Parker (3 Conversions)
1 Point - Peter Wallace

Brisbane Broncos (26)
Tries: Justin Hodges, Alex Glenn, Ben Te'o, Dale Copley, Corey Norman
Conversions: Petero Civoniceva (0/1), Corey Parker (3/4)

South Sydney Rabbitohs (12)
Tries: Nathan Merritt, Chris McQueen
Conversions: Adam Reynolds (2/2) Live Commentary Welcome to a cold Friday Night Footy. Tonight we are LIVE from Suncorp Stadium with action between the Brisbane Broncos and South Sydney Rabbitohs. It will be a battle with the 3rd and 4th teams competing for two competition points.

A massive achievement will be celebrated tonight with veteran Bronco Petero Civoniceva making his 300th NRL appearance.

In team changes: Rabbitohs will be as per the team sheets posted on Tuesday, with Shaune Corrigan and George Burgess not required and drop off the extended bench.

Broncos: Corey Parker will play and start for the Broncos after suffering a gash on his leg in Origin Game II. Josh McGuire comes into the starting side at prop forward. Mitchell Dodds is added to the side in 18 on the bench.

1 min: A wobbly kick away from the Broncos at the kick off and it does out on the full. Penalty to the Rabbitohs on halfway.
2 min: A host of mistakes earlier from both sides, and after a mistake from Souths - Sam Thaiday looked to play it quickly and coughed it up. Scrum feed to the Rabbitohs on the Broncos 40 metre line
2 min: Kick on the end of the Souths set turns over possession to the Broncos on their 10 metre line. Jack Reed collecting the ball off the boot of Reynolds
4 min: Dave Taylor taking a charge into the line and dropping it cold. Broncos have the zero tackle on their 40 metre line.
5 min: Josh Hoffman has been been denied for a forward pass off the inside run. Scrum feed to the Rabbitohs on the 10 metre line
7 min: KNOCK ON! Josh McGuire giving up possession chasing though off the kick from Norman. Rebounded off the Rabbitohs players and lost forward out of the hand of Josh McGuire. Scrum feed to the Rabbitohs.
9 min: Charge down from the Rabbitohs off the boot Peter Wallace. As a result a scrum packs down for the Broncos on half way.
10 min: KNOCK ON! Corey Parker taking the line one has put it down to hand over possession again. Poor ball control here early. Another scrum to Souths.
11 min: The Rabbitohs kicking on the last from Adam Reynolds as seen it roll dead. Broncos work it away through a 20 metre optional restart.
14 min: Wonderful run from Andrew Everingham gives the Rabbitohs some hope with a beautiful dummy run. However, he was taken around the legs by Josh Hoffman at the back. All going to waste with a penalty given to the Broncos after the ball was handed over.
16 min: Corey Norman with a little kick into the line completed the set nicely. Great set from the Broncos however not leading to points, but they have another chance with a line drop out as Inglis took it dead.
17 min: From acting half Andrew McCullough dived for the line on last tackle and was unable to find the whitewash. Change over on the 10 metre line for the Rabbitohs
19 min: An hook of a kick from Corey Norman slots it across the field to the hands of Michael Crocker who knocks it on as he was under pressure from Wallace. Scrum feed for the Broncos 20 metres from the line.
20 min: Video Referee for the Broncos, possible four-pointer for Justin Hodges off a lovely Peter Wallace kick
21 min: TRY
TRY! Brisbane Broncos
Justin Hodges slides in for the first points as he dives on the loose ball following the well placed Peter Wallace kick. Justin Hunt made a meal of the ball in the in-goal and failed to ground it. Corey Parker with the conversion attempt failed to raise the flags.
Brisbane Broncos 4-0
26 min: Great defence from the Broncos for most of this game thus far. Souths have had to work it from deep in their own half.
26 min: Time off. Greg Inglis has collected Josh Hoffman with a big collision. He is with the trainer but should be okay to play on.
27 min: Andrew McCullough dives again for the line from dummy half and once again unable to cross for points. Defence good to stop the raid. 10 metre change over for the Rabbitohs as it was the last tackle.
28 min: Bad to worse for the Rabbitohs, John Sutton hooked the kick as it came off the side of the boot. The Broncos as a result have the ball on halfway.
29 min: KNOCK ON! Matt Gillett with a loose carry of the ball unable to hold onto possession and gives up the ball. Double knock on ruled and the Rabbitohs pack down for a scrum.
30 min: WOW! Just brilliant as Peter Wallace chipped and chase through the Rabbitohs line however it ended as quick as it started with Nathan Merritt managing to come up with the ball. He raced away to the 20 metre line to start the Souths set.
34 min: BANG! Again Josh Hoffman has been taken down by Greg Inglis. Peter Wallace opened up the line running off the break from Hodges. However it finished with a knock on against Hoffman for colliding with Inglis at the back. Scrum feed to the Rabbitohs on their 30 metre line.
35 min: PENALTY! The Broncos give away a penalty for holding down the ruck. The Rabbitohs with a huge shot at the line after not being down this end of the park.
37 min: A hard kick from Adam Reynolds taken in goal by Dale Copley, it was going dead for all money but he played at the footy and trapped in goal. A line drop out for the Rabbitohs who will have another chance at the Broncos line before the break.
38 min: TRY
TRY! South Sydney Rabbitohs
The big Chris McQueen showed Josh Hoffman his step as he strolled through the line to score under the posts. Wonderful footwork from the second rower. Adam Reynolds slots the extras to make it 99 career goals.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 6-4
39 min: What a catch from Ben Te'o who managed to take the ball on the fly and go ground.
40 min: The siren echoes around Suncorp Stadium to give us our half time break. After a scrappy opening 40 minutes the Souths Sydney Rabbitohs on the back of a penalty hold a 6-4 lead over the Brisbane Broncos.
HALF TIME WRAP: It is a credit to the South Sydney players who managed to keep the Broncos to only 4 point in the first half after a load of possession and field position against them. It is amazing what a little ball and assistance from the referee to get you back into the game. The Rabbitohs made the most of the penalty to claim the lead just before the break.

The match started poorly with the kick off going out on the full and for the most part the errors didn't improve with poor handling from both teams. It will be a battle in the second half with the Rabbitohs feeling confidence they can score points when at the right end of the field.
41 min: The second half is UNDERWAY with Justin Hunt kicking off which falls down into the hands of Corey Norman. Poor start from the Rabbitohs following with a penalty given away for a high tackle from Dave Taylor.
42 min: Another penalty to the Broncos, this time for a strip against the Rabbitohs. Last tackle and Souths pinged for apparently stripping on the goal line.
44 min: TRY
TRY! Brisbane Broncos
Alex Glenn sails through the air to claim the Peter Wallace kick and lands down in goal to score the Broncos second try. Corey Parker with the conversion attempt slots the extras.
Brisbane Broncos 10-6
46 min: The Broncos have zero tackle after a mistake from the Rabbitohs. Time off here with Justin Hodges picking up an injury, he should be okay to play on.
47 min: Hodges is okay to continue and plays the ball 20 metres from the Rabbitohs line on the zero tackle.
48 min: TRY
TRY! South Sydney Rabbitohs
Nathan Merritt has plucked the ball out of the air off the pass from Corey Norman and streaked away for a 90 metre intercept four-pointer and scores under the posts. Adam Reynolds converts and makes it 101 career points.
South Sydney Rabbitohs 12-10
51 min: Beautiful take from Inglis at the back under pressure, as Justin Hunt has back slammed on the next play. He is getting assistance from the trainer as a result. Souths on the attack 20 metres from their own line.
53 min: Justin Hodges put in a little kick to the in goal, and Inglis forces it dead. However Chris James not convinced of who played at the ball so a look from the video referee. The decision comes back and a line drop out ruled for the Broncos.
53 min: INJURY: Justin Hodges not looking to healthy coming back after that kick, possible rib injury as he grabs his mid-section.
54 min: Wonderful skill from Inglis who managed to pluck it out of the air to save the Broncos try. Souths work it from the 10 metre line.
55 min: Early kick downfield from the Rabbitohs as they kick downfield on the 3rd tackle. Josh Hoffman running back the ball gets a penalty for a high shot on him. Broncos with the quick tap have the ball on halfway.
56 min: Great goal line defence from the Rabbitohs to stop the Broncos raid at the line. Jason Clarke comes away with the ball on his 10 metre line.
60 min: TRY
TRY! Brisbane Broncos
Dale Copley collects a four-pointer with a lovely step to dive for the lines after taking a forward pass from his inside centre in Jack Reed. Corey Parker converts from out wide.
Brisbane Broncos 16-12
62 min: Another penalty given away by the Rabbitohs for a second attempt at the tackle on the Broncos. Chance for more points as the Broncos as they attack inside the Rabbitohs 30 metre line.
63 min: Video referee for the Broncos, this will be a miracle if he is onside Corey Norman.
65 min: TRY
TRY! Brisbane Broncos
McCullough on the last play darting out of dummy half put in two kicks and the second a soccer punt and send Corey Norman in under the posts off the kick. Wonderful skill to pick up the ball and score. Miracle play from the Brisbane boys. Corey Parker converts from in front.
Brisbane Broncos 22-12
66 min: The Rabbitohs almost kicking the ball dead but the Broncos allow it to bounce and go dead. Line drop out for the Rabbitohs.
67 min: John Sutton places in the kick into the in goal area and Josh Hoffman forced the kick dead. Another line drop out for the Rabbitohs.
68 min: Greg Inglis has been shown the touchline by Jack Reed as he forced him over the sideline before he could offload. Things not going the Rabbitohs way tonight, scrum feed packs down for the Broncos on their 20 metre line.
71 min: Forward pass ruled on the last tackle against the Broncos but it was short-lived for the Rabbitohs as they cough up possession in a big tackle. Broncos with possession just shy of the half way line.
76 min: Peter Wallace stabs the kick over the sideline to wind down the clock, scrum feed packs for the Rabbitohs on their 10 metre line.
79 min: TRY
TRY! Brisbane Broncos
Peter Wallace supplies a lovely waited pass to send Ben Te'o over the line. Simply play to crack the tired Rabbitohs defence. Petero Civoniceva given the kicking duties in honour him in his 300th NRL match. However, the unit unable to convert with a hook just wide of the posts.
Brisbane Broncos 26-12
80 min: FULL TIME: The Brisbane Broncos have celebrated veteran Petero Civoniceva's 300th NRL match with a 26-12 vicotry over the visiting South Sydney Rabbitohs at Suncorp Stadium.

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