View from the (Doncaster) Lakeside

In conversation with Gary Wilkinson:

GM: So Gary, any news on the team selection front? Gary Wilkinson: Graham Holroyd is definitely ruled out and Joel Penny is looking doubtful at this stage. Dean Andrews comes into the equation.

GM: Regarding new signing Dean Andrews, what will he bring to the side? Gary Wilkinson: Dean has a lot of utility value, though I've brought him in to play at either centre or second row. He's strong, a line breaker and brings a lot to the team. I know he's played here before, but I know him very well and he will do a good job for us." GM: It's your former side up on Friday, what benefits do you think your knowledge of their game can bring to the Lakers chances? Gary Wilkinson: "Very little if I'm honest. I know a few of their players but Mark Aston will have stamped his style into their play so I don't think I can talk at great depth about their tactics. I've only had three sessions with the Lakers, so its debatable how much can be done in such a short period of time. GM: How has this last week been for you? Gary Wilkinson: "It has been hectic and very tiring, though I've got to say the players have been brilliant. They have all stood up to be counted, every single one of them - I can't praise them highly enough. They have shown a very professional attitude towards me being someone new and I appreciate that." GM: What have you to say to the Lakers fans? Gary Wilkinson: "Firstly I