West Indies' Strategic Plan released

The West Indies Rugby League Federation (WIRLF) has officially released its four year strategic plan for the development of Rugby League in the West Indies and Caribbean region on its official website.

The strategic plan, which provides an indication to stakeholders of the WIRLF for the direction the organisation wishes to take over the period of 2004 ? 2007, outlines planned fixtures for both the senior representative team, as well as age group sides and the most important goal for the Federation, the establishment of domestic Rugby League competitions in the region.

Some initiatives the WIRLF intends to implement include the creation of a regional based competition for Rugby League nations in North and South America, and regular clashes against the Nigerian national team in London.

The WIRLF has also listed the nations in which it will be targeting to setup Rugby League competitions.

Whilst what is listed in the strategic plan is not concrete, it does at least provide a guide to the stakeholders of the Federation of the direction it intends to take.

To see the strategic plan, visit the WIRL official website at www.wirlf.com