Woeful Melbourne Outclassed by Powerful Manly

In front of a rather disappointing 12,550 Brookvale crowd Manly embarrassed a disappointingly lacklustre Melbourne Storm, taking the match 26-6.

In a game which promised so much the only side which really delivered anything were the Sea Eagles. The first half was dominated by Manly, who tore to shreds a flimsy looking Melbourne defensive line. Manly were hurt early with an injury to Josh Perry coming in their first attacking set, forcing them to make their first interchange in the second minute.

Despite being down to 16 men for much of the game, first points of the evening came to Manly in the eleventh minute when Jamie Lyon scored the try off a long range break from Shane Rodney. Lyon converted his own try, giving Manly a 6 nil lead.

Melbourne's defence started to look pedestrian and the scoreboard was reflecting in kind, next points came a few minutes later in the sixteenth minute from Tony Williams, who ran over the top of Melbourne players; the try was converted by Jamie Lyon, pushing the lead out to two converted tries.

Errors and penalties ensued from both sides in the following minutes. Some flimsy Melbourne defence gifted Manly their next try in the 29th minute, this one to Steve Matai who stepped off the left foot and went straight through Melbourne to score. Lyon converted reaching an 18 point lead.

Melbourne received a reprieve when they put on a solid attacking play. This time it was some ordinary defence from Manly, and a lovely angled run from Ryan Hoffman giving him Melbourne's only try for the match. Cameron Smith converted and Melbourne managed to finish the half with a respectable 12 point deficit.

The half finished with what looked to be an injury to Anthony Watmough, but he soldiered on into the second with heavy left knee strapping. Penalties dominated both side's returns to the field for the second half.

The only try of the second half came in the fiftieth minute to Jamie Lyon, who plucked one straight out of the air and put it out down easily. It came from great lead up work from William Hopoate who streaked through the Melbourne line. Lyon converted his own try and the difference was back to 3 converted tries.

A plethora of errors followed, and the last points of the game came in the way of a penalty goal in the sixty first minute to put the game out of reach for Melbourne.

The last 20 minutes saw the game fizzle out to a close, giving a disappointing close to a rather disappointing game. Manly played well and thoroughly deserved their win, but it was a very lacklustre Melbourne performance which made this game a very one sided affair.

Match Details
Manly Sea Eagles 26 defeated Melbourne Storm 6
National Rugby League - NRL - Round 22 - Saturday August 7, 2010 5:30pm
Venue: Brookvale Oval
Referee: Matt Cecchin and Brett Suttor
Video Referee: Russell Smith
Touch Judges: Steve Chiddy and Grant Atkins
Crowd: 12,550
Halftime: Manly Sea Eagles 18 Melbourne Storm 6

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Jamie Lyon (2 Tries, 4 Conversions, 1 Penalty Goal)
2 Points - Glenn Stewart
1 Point - William Hopoate

Tries: Steve Matai, Jamie Lyon (2), Tony Williams
Conversions: Jamie Lyon (4/4)
Penalty Goals: Jamie Lyon (1/1)

Tries: Ryan Hoffman
Conversions: Cameron Smith (1/1)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Hello and welcome to Brookvale Oval for what promises to be a Rugby League match between the Melbourne Storm and the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles. A bit of feeling to this one, as there always is when these two teams clash. Added feeling to this one being their first clash since the salary cap saga and the Manly crowd promising to give it to this Melbourne team.
A few team changes to report, for Manly, Ben Farrar is out, so Michael Robertson moves to the wing with William Hopoate taking Robertson's vacated wing position. For Melbourne Dane Nielson and Todd Lowrie are out. Will Isa and Kevin Proctor come in. A few positional changes follow as well with Chase Stanley moving to the centres, Isa in 20 to the wing. Proctor in 18 will start on the bench and will be joined by Tolman as Lima will start.
1 min: Melbourne kick off defending the Southern end, and Manly get the first use of the football.
2 min: Injury to Josh Perry. Referee calls time off with Josh Perry on the ground, hasn't moved in about a minute. The stretcher comes out for him, looks to be in a fair bit of trouble. Brent Kite comes on for him, first replacement comes inside 2 minutes
5 min: First penalty of the match, against Manly, gives Melbourne a good chance at Manly's line, both teams have started the game quite strongly.
6 min: And Brett Finch blunders a great chance, with a kick to Isa missing the mark and giving the ball back to Manly.
8 min: Second penalty of the game, this one against Melbourne, for Sika Manu hanging on too long in the tackle, gives Manly a great shot at Melbourne's line
9 min: Another chance ended by an error, with Rodney spilling the ball
12 min: TRY
Try to Manly with fantastic lead up paly, a long range break from Shane Rodney, a bit of a team effort, with Manly carving up Melbourne's defence. Jamie Lyon finishes it with a dummy and a dash in, grounding it before the dead ball line. And Lyon converts his own try.
Manly Sea Eagles 6-0
15 min: Another shocking kick form Brett Finch goes out past the dead ball line giving Manly a 20 metre retart
17 min: TRY
TRY to Manly, barnstorming run by Tony Williams set up by Jamie Lyon, runs over the top of Billy Slater and streaks in to score his 13th try of the year. Conversion by Jamie Lyon successful
Manly Sea Eagles 12-0
20 min: Billy Slater lets a Kieran Foran kick down field dribble over the touch line to give his side a bit of a breather before a scrum 10 metres out from their line.
23 min: Slater puts in a kick which goes over dead ball line, after a poor attacking set from Melbourne. Manly get a 20 metre followed by a penalty putting them right on the attack
25 min: Manly knock on 12 metres out from the Melbourne line gets the Storm out of trouble for now
27 min: Another dropped ball from Melbourne, who have seemed very unthreatening, giving Manly the ball 6 metres Melbourne's side of half way
29 min: Melbourne concede another penalty on their line, this one a ridiculous flop from Brett Finch
30 min: TRY
TRY number 3 to Manly. This one Matai, easily steps off the left foot, straight through some woeful Melbourne defence. A tougher conversion for Lyon, near the western touchline, but he makes no mistake. Conversion successful. Manly 18, Melbourne 0
Manly Sea Eagles 18-0
32 min: Knocks on both ways. Melbourne now being afforded a bit of feild position. A penalty from Watmough gives Melbourne a shot at Manly's line.
34 min: TRY
TRY to Melbourne. Ryan Hoffman ran a very good angle through some flimsy Manly defence to put Melbourne on the board. Conversion from Cameron Smith Successful.
Manly Sea Eagles 18-6
35 min: A penalty to Melbourne, gives them another great opportunity to attack before halftime, this time for a lifting tackle.
36 min: Penalty to Manly, some defensive ill discipline coming at the end of this half.
Video Referee for a possible Manly try
38 min: NO TRY, Williams' hard work making it around the outside of Melbourne defenders comes to nothing as he drops the ball before grounding it, now giving Melbourne a 20 metre restart.
40 min: Scrum feed for Manly with half a minute to go in this half, no rush to pack it, but referee calls time off with Watmough injured in back play, looks like he could be in a bit of trouble over there with some knee problems.
40 min: And the half time hooter sounds, Watmough hobbled through the closing seconds of the half but looks like there could be some trouble for him.
41 min: Second half underway, as Melbourne cart the ball forward. Watmough is back on the feild, but he looks very uncomfortable with a heavily strapped left knee.
42 min: Melbourne scrum won against the head and feed, but Cronk shocked by the outcome knocks the ball on
44 min: Billy Slater lets another one dribble over the touch line, not much fire in him tonight, but Melbourne have the ball.
46 min: Penalty to Melbourne for Greg Inglis being put in a dangerous position, puts Melbourne in good attacking position, another penalty from the tap gives Melbourne a real chance to be the first to score in this second half.
Video referee for a possible Melbourne try
47 min: No try, with half of Isa's body outside the field
49 min: Penalty to Manly, gives Manly a run at Melbourne's line
Video referee for a possible Manly try, checking the onside
51 min: TRY
TRY to Manly. Jamie Lyon with a brilliant take off a Foran kick and an easy try in the end. Great lead up play with a beautiful break from William Hopoate. And Lyon converts his own try
Manly Sea Eagles 24-6
53 min: Knock on by Greg Inglis off a terrible pass from Hoffman giving Manly a scrum and more attacking opportunity, with a scrum 5 out from halfway
55 min: More errors from Melbourne, but the field position isn't as strong for Manly this time
58 min: Ballin is taken off with a head injury, Melbourne might not be troubling Manly too much, but the injuries are starting to.
60 min: Billy Slater drops a bomb cold, very disappointing effort from him, hasn't looked very interested in this game.
Manly take a penalty kick to put them more than 3 converted tried ahead, penalty goal successful.
Manly Sea Eagles 26-6
64 min: Another a terrible spill from Melbourne gives Manly a golden opportunity at Melbourne's line.
67 min: Both teams appear to be going through the motions now with nothing too exciting happening
71 min: Melbourne get a scrum feed inside Manly territory off a Watmough pass to the touch judge. Could be a chance for some consolation, not that Melbourne deserve any the way they've played this game
74 min: Manly back on the attack in good attacking position
77 min: This game is really starting to fizzle out, neither team playing with much intention and both spilling a lot of ball
Video Referee for a possible Melbourne try
79 min: No try, Slater failed to ground it
80 min: The final hooter blows and that is is it for this one, Manly take it out 26 - 6.
80 min: The earlier NYC game was also taken out by Manly, that one won 32 - 30

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