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WELL at the moment I, like tens of thousands of other people across the nation, am currently suffering through the agony that is...

Solving the State of Origin

FOR too long now, we have asked the question: How do we play 3 State of Origin matches each year, without denigrating or interrupting the NRL season? ...A Forum Sevens article from July 2009.


The Immortal Brian Bevan

NATHAN Hindmarsh is a player who is renowned for his ungainly appearance. Having established himself as a stalwart for Parramatta, New South Wales and eventually Australia, he often leaves pundits wondering how he keeps going like he does. He looks out of shape, overweight and is a perennial sufferer of the dreaded ?plumber?s crack?. He?s even been aptly described as having a ?sway gut and funny bum?. Yet he almost always seems to be the first defender on the scene when there?s a break, the first player rushing up on a field goal attempt, and the least likely candidate for a replacement.

Forging a legend

LOOKING at the effect time has on something is a remarkable thing.You could liken a fond memory to a bottle of wine. On the shelf, there?s very little that?s fascinating about it. But as time takes effect, in our minds the bottle becomes increasingly special; almost unique - despite the fact that it was originally just one of a bunch.There?s another factor that determines the effect of time on a bottle of wine, and that is quality. A cheap four-dollar plonk is likely to be seen more as a relic over time. But the really good stuff takes a place in our minds and stands alone.So before I run the risk of sounding like a compulsive alcoholic, I should mention that these qualities of a bottle of wine have a lot in common with moments in rugby league. Well, it?s more than just moments ? it is achievements, failures, individuals, controversies; it?s a myriad of things.When something special comes along, it can be difficult to foresee where it will take place in our minds as time goes by. I mention all this because something is happening in rugby league that, with a little help from time, will become one of those extra special bottles of wine in the cellar.Actually come to think of it, this particular bottle might be more suited up in the display room ? because it?s about something that came out of the cellar and into the big time. This bottle would be simply labeled ?North Queensland Cowboys ? Forging A Legend?.All rugby league fans in this country knew that at one time or another North Queensland?s representation in the premiership would emerge from the bottom few positions on the ladder into something of competitiveness. But even though most described the club as a genuine ?sleeping giant?, who would have really imagined it stamping itself as virtual perennial favorite so quickly? What we are witnessing right now is a cornerstone in the history of the Cowboys. Players like Bowen, Thurston, Sing, Williams and O?Donnell are superstars of the game. But imagine what kind of effect time will have on these names, in particular to Cowboys fans of the future?As seasons come and go, personnel change and players retire. The Cowboys have reached (or are very close to reaching) a plateau. The nature of sport suggests that eventually the Cowboys' success will diminish. This all happens over time, which then starts to have its effect on what we?re seeing now. New players introduced into the Cowboys side will be invariably compared to the current crop when wins don?t come. And as players come and go, if emerging talents fail to meet the lofty standards of today?s champions, the status of the heroes of today is heightened. Over time new fans will ask questions about the players of today and the legends will grow.The bottle of wine that?s on the shelf right now is looking pretty difficult to top. Wait for time to have its impact. It will go from looking good to becoming outstanding, and eventually legendary. The future of the Cowboys will be pinned on our present. And as much as I can do to describe it, or you to imagine it, nobody will really know what kind of form this Cowboys legend will take on until time adds the finishing touches.I think it?s an exciting thing to know that what we?re seeing will take on such a special form as time goes by. If you tell someone today that you saw the Cowboys play over the weekend, it?s not much more than an idle conversation starter. If you tell someone in twenty years time that you saw the Cowboys play in 2006, it will be taken with plenty of wow factor and might start a conversation about how great they were.If you tell someone that you saw the Cowboys play in 2006 in fifty years, it will be something else altogether.?I watched that Bowen fella do things on his feet that I?d never seen before or since,? you might say. ?Matt Sing was the strongest, fastest winger I can remember watching play ? he must have single-handedly held up 100 tries in his career,? you?ll add. ?Thurston could do things with the ball that would make the sternest opposition supporters just stand and applaud.?Just imagine the legends you?ll see forged the next time you watch the Cowboys play.

The man that?s sparked a rugby league renaissance

THIS week's Forum 7's article chronicles the recent rise of joint-venture outfit the Wests Tigers. Previously the club has battled to become competitive but things seem to be changing out Leichhardt way, and Campbelltown, oh and Homebush...

The man that's sparked a rugby league renaissance

POOR old Wests Tigers. They've been branded strugglers, failures, no-hopers, scandalous, ad nauseum. But regardless of what you might say about this oft-maligned merger, their saviour has come to town in what is shaping up to be a year that the joint venture finally turns the corner.

The Man is good for the game

IF you don't like Anthony Mundine, take a moment to forget about what he says and look closely at what he does.

A reflection of the beauty we often forget

THE symmetrical oval shape of the rubber ball rests on a modern plastic device designed to elevate it from the turf on which it sits. Carefully prepared and nurtured grass, sprouting from the hallowed earth below.

Fans can be heroes too

IF you follow rugby league, you could be forgiven to thinking it was 1992 all over again.

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