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Second Year Syndrome - Myth or Fact?

SECOND-YEAR syndrome is a common term in both Rugby League and sport in general. It relates to a rookie whose second year doesn?t reflect the ability they had shown in their rookie season. While the stigma associated with second-year syndrome affects some players, it manages to bypass others, so is there such a thing as second-year syndrome? Or is it a myth created to strike fear into the hearts of young players as they embark on their careers?

We Can Be Heroes

A fact a lot of us forget in our day, is that anyone of us can be a hero. In rugby league this is associated with an inspirational performance by a first grader, well I don?t believe the club to be so exclusive.

Forum Sevens: The Glory Days of Rugby League

DO you all remember how your fathers told you about the day he saw Clive Churchill run out onto the field, or when he saw how the Saints win all there premierships and were unstoppable? Where have these days gone? These days of a family day out at the Rugby League match with crowds of 30,000 at the SCG have been replaced by the new age stadiums and overpaid players. Yobo's are the norm at our games now, with the high level of access to alcohol tainting the image of Rugby league in our country.

Forum Sevens: When Crowds go bad

THE issue of crowd behaviour is much-debated topic. In the best interests of league, the NRL wishes to hand the game back to its fans and attract families back to the games, but is this possible nowadays? The Answer…Yes.

Forum Sevens: Coogee Dolphins- The Team, The Tragedy, The Tribute

FEBRUARY 2 was a day that will live in the hearts for all Australians and Coogee Dolphin fans alike. For those as lucky as I was, to witness such a passionate and heart-warming tribute for the Coogee Dolphins, I think you would agree that it was a moment that will always stay with you.

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