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Come And See The Real Thing

IT'S amazing what you can hear about a footy player these days. The insults thrown at them for 80 minutes a weekend are pretty harsh and are not very rare at all. The sledging is a fine, a bit of gamesmanship, but the insults don't just stop at the ground (it'd be an easy life it did). The good old newspapers have to step in and inform us with multipage colour photos of how and why Tim Smith had a drink. Don't forget the four hours of radio talkback after the game, which usually focuses on off-game incidents most of the time anyway. And the multiple web forums where members insinuate their hate for Luke Covell. Not to forget the recent adapting of footballer identities on internet community Myspace. Cyber-bullying at its best. But we all know that these players don't have tme to listen to the radio or go one the internet, they are getting drunk and then going for a drive, aren't they? Well at least that's what Mark told me at the party last week anyway.

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