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Forum Sevens: An Affair to Remember

THE camera pans across the faces of the players in this years' Grand Final. The image we see is of each team members? arms linked, shoulder to shoulder with them belting out the national anthem. A group of five players from each team step forward. In the first group we have Craig Wing, Adrian Morley, Craig Fitzgibbon, Brad Fittler and Kirk Reynoldson. In the second group Trent Barrett, Nathan Blacklock, Hazem El Masri , Andrew Johns, and Jason Cayless. These two teams and the ten players have proven that they have got what it takes; they are the best in their field and are ready to embark in a game that has the Rugby League community enraptured.

Interview with the Gold Coast Dolphins

WITH the Partnership Executive Committee meeting this month, the decision on the 16th NRL team is looming.

Andrew Voss: going in boots n all

COMMENTATOR Andrew Voss is familiar to most League fans for his match calls and sideline updates. He?s also a regular on the Footy Show and the co-host of Channel Nine?s ?Boots n All? programme.

The Voice of Rugby League

AT Parra Leagues, Saturday 16th August, 11am-1pm a meeting will be held for Rugby League Fans to form an Association.

Forums Sevens: Mick ?Barry? Crocker ? The Wind Beneath His Wings

THIS was a very special interview for me. Being my first, and thankful Mick took the time to speak with me. Allow me to present to you, a young man, who as the song ?Barry? sings, has the Wind Beneath His Wings.

Forum Sevens: Interview with Craig Fitzgibbon

?I?M ready,? I said, speaking with the simplicity of a great star who had somehow managed to retain the common touch. As I glided along in my BMW 3 Series coupe, I had never felt more like a Roosters Supporter in my life. The Latte drinking BMW driving ?rich bitch? tag was certainly an image I could handle.

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