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Forum Sevens: Alternate Ways to promote the ?greatest game of all?

EARLIER this year, the NRL launched its advertising campaign that reworked a classic Hoodoo Gurus hit to become a theme song for the game. The response from this advertising seems to have been positive but is this enough to help rugby league reclaim lost ground and conquer new territory? Could the NRL look outside the square and try new ways to advertise? The answer to the latter is most definitely, yes. Below are some ideas that could be attempted.

Forum Sevens: Rewarded for effort (or lack of it)

AT the beginning of the year the governing body, the NRL, made a brave decision to depart from years of tradition by in essence removing the possibility of a drawn game in both the premiership competition and the showpiece of the game, the State of Origin. This decision was brought to a head by the most recent series of the State of Origin in which the title of the champion was given to Queensland. This was decided by virtue of the fact that they were defending champions with the series was effectively tied one all. The decider, as it was billed had turned out to decide nothing with the Queensland side scoring late in the game to force a draw. This result was seen to be unfair by many south of the border and due to the fact that this was not the first occurrence, a solution needed to be found. The decision was made to introduce golden-point extra-time in which the first team to score in the extra time periods was crowned the winner of the contest. However, this was not an exclusive decision to the State of Origin, the premiership would perform under these rules as well for all of their premiership matches.

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