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The Most Wanted, Unwanted?

THERE?S a lot to be admired about the Jamie Lyon fiasco, but here?s the part I just love above all else. Through all the tears, heartache and soul searching: absolutely no one cared where he ended up going. In fact, this was right up there with Jana Pittman, Mark Philippoussis and David Beckham on the ?sports stars that continually made the papers out of pity? list. Again, I must emphasize that I love the way they work, as they've always managed to make me chuckle every time I read their sad tales.

Thank you Phil! Now was that so hard?

ASSUMING you didn't watch the news or read the papers, what would your opinion of Phil Gould be? No, wait! Don't tell me, I think I know this one. Simply put, you think he is a good coach right?

Climb Every Mountain

IN case I'm dealing with entertainment gurus here I should probably clarify that no, I am not quoting the Reverend Mother from the 1965 theatrical hit 'The Sound of Music', or the latest Guy Sebastian rendition of the classic for that matter. For the rest of you Rugby League fans, it might also serve me well to inform you that no, I'm not talking about the treacherous journey to the Penrith Football Stadium either, although we could certainly make a case for the latter. What I'm referencing here is what really makes great football well, great! A wise man once said:

The Complete Idiots Guide to Coaching

ALRIGHT alright, so maybe I could've been a little less mainstream and entitled the article 'Attention Chris Anderson'. Let's be honest for a moment though, how many of us have painfully sat and watched our teams play, scratching our heads in confusion and saying 'I can't believe the coach made that decision!' Whether it be team selection, or style of play, you get the drift, just anything that makes you wonder 'what the heck was coach such and such thinking there?'

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