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A letter to the 60%

THE following is an excerpt from a recent WWOS article.

Bring it

RUGBY League is Australia is nothing if resilient. ...A Forum Sevens article from early 2009...

The Helmich Manoeuvre

AN award to honour the unknown player.An article from Everlovin

More From The Crystal Ball

THE AFL release a statement ecstatic at the 12,000

Fantasy v Reality

A few weeks ago the NRL announced that it had requested that the online video-hosting site, Youtube, remove all its NRL related video clips posted without the NRL

The crystal ball top 10

1) June. The ARU (Australian Rugby Union) realises that its attempt to win the RWC at the end of 2007 is in tatters and launches another raid on the NRL by attempting to buy out the contracts of 30 NRL stars. If successful it would bring the number of dec


THE other day whilst shaving, a small patch of shaving cream dropped right onto this 33 year old scar that I have on my left arm, which reminded me....


REG Reagan is my hero, in a Rugby League related sense anyway.


HATING Manly is ingrained in me. I was born in 1958, a Manly-hater. I don?t know how, I just was. I popped out from where new people pop-out from and I hated Manly immediately, I guess it saved time later on. I was upside down, hanging from the doctor?s hands and I was crying just because Manly existed in the world I had just entered.

Fainting Goats

WHY in God?s name does it happen every year?