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IT'S never easy admitting you may not be the smartest person alive, particularly when you've convinced yourself of this for the last several years....

Donkeys And Stallions

I feel for the Melbourne Storm, I really do. Aside from the obvious connection Parramatta fans have to Melbourne's 2006 plight (being the dominating side for an entire season before falling at the final hurdle), I have watched with great joy the 2006 Melbourne Storm side, who have played a brand of football above and beyond all other teams in the competition.


FROM round one this season, it was clear Parramatta were going to struggle. Not because of any off field dramas, but because they had prepared the entire pre season with an attacking style that wouldn?t be successful this year, and hadn?t learned to defend against the style the successful sides of 2006 are using.

Snowballs Chance in Hell

I'M starting to feel the panic rise as my eyes desperately dart across these foreign streets looking for a sign, a clue, a glimmer of hope. Our 12:30 deadline is looming, I have no idea where I am, I barely remember what I am doing, and in these dark, unfriendly lanes I feel like a trespasser undertaking a hideous deed. More lights catch my attention, and I venture forth out of the darkness into the warm glow, a shadow emerging from a land far away that these people know little of.

The World Sevens And It's Relevance

IT is an unfortunate situation that the League World Sevens faced last year. The Sydney media in their promotion of the game chose to focus almost entirely on the lack of star power in many of the sevens teams, led by the outspoken Steve Folkes, who named a less than premier league strength side for the competition, while several other sides withheld their stars. By kickoff first day, only Parramatta, Wests and the Warriors had named full strength lineups, while most teams mixed a handful of first graders with their lower grade players. This almost single handedly led to the reduced attendance of the sevens in 2004, with 10,000 less fans walking through the gates this year compared to last.

Letting it all out

"BLOODY Petersen, can't that moron just stay on his damn wing?"

Come for the football

A cool winter afternoon, sun beaming down onto the field, the shadow of the grandstand slowly creeping over the ground. Children kick footballs around, mates in rival colours rib each other, others wave their flags and wear their team jersey with pride. The cheery old men with the booming voices sell junior league doubles, ?doubles on the main game? they cry.

Draft Planning

THE 2004 NFL draft has come and gone, with number one overall pick Eli Manning making national headlines as the New York Giants saviour, the man to lift the franchise out of their slump. Management, the fans and the coaches will trust much of the franchises success to this man, who, at 23, has walked out of college and into national fame. The frenzy the NFL draft has caused, as well as recent suggestions by many commentators, including former Australian coach Chris Anderson, sees me take a look at the idea of a possible NRL player draft.

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