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Forum Sevens update

REPORT card from the F7s boss. The F7s is an article writing competition hosted here in LeagueUnlimited's The Front Row forums. Now in its 10th season, the F7s has produced thousands of rugby league related articles written by hundreds of fellow forummers

Keeping Fai:th

EXHAUSTED, I sat down atop the sand dune, the mountain of tiny granules shifting beneath me to create a perfectly contoured resting place ... A Forum Sevens article from September 2009

A Pain Never Lost

THE pitch black of night seemed to echo the thumping and scraping of our boots as we dragged our weary legs onto yet another steep and winding track. A thick blanket of fog, reminiscent in shape of cotton wool, stretched over the lake far below to block i


THE dawn of a new rugby league season brings with it a series of changes.... A Forum Sevens article from early 2009.

Field Of Dreams

AN article originally posted after the final round of the NRL minor premiership. From Jesbass in the Forum Sevens Preliminary Final...

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