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The pattern of the Knights is not red and blue‏

WHAT do you make of a team that has beaten every side above them on the table (bar one) at least once this season, but lost to every side below them except for the Sharks?

Where to next for Jarryd Hayne?

THE question must be asked: where to next for Jarryd Hayne?

Pride comes before a fall, not after it

SO how do the cellar dwellers turn such disastrous seasons around?

A Fearless Larrikin's Predictions

KALON gazed into something more useful than a crystal ball before revealing his predictions for the rest of 2009...

The straw to break the Broncos' back

WHERE do the Broncos go from here?

A Poll Lotta Love

I can't get my mind off polls this week, writes Kalon Huett.

No big deal about coaches on the move

THERE'S nothing new about all this coaching controversy, says Kalon Huett.

No Rules - That's the Spirit Tommy

KALON Huett is cranky, just like Tommy Raudonikis...

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