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If you want to destroy my sweater

AHH, Super League. Remember the balmy days of 1997? I

Slater wins Storm

STORM fullback Billy Slater has capped an amazing 2009 season with his second successive Melbourne Storm Player-of-the-Year Award at tonight

The Log O\' Wood

AHH, Rugby Union. A guaranteed cure for insomnia, neatly wrapped up in a confusing package of scrums, mauls and whistles.



Technology Can Be Our Friend

AHH, the video referee. Where would we be without him? Sure, it can be a ?damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don?t? kind of situation every now and then, but it?s hard to argue against the fact that they?ve been a valuable addition to the Rugby League landscape.


IT?S a terrible feeling when you realize that you?re getting old. As Grampa Simpson once said, ?I used to be ?with it? ? but then they changed what ?it? was?. All of a sudden you start getting strange desires for cups of warm milk, and complain about the stupidest things.


STAR light, star bright, the first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.

I can see you're out of Aces

THE room was dark and smoky. The regular sound of poker chips coming together gave an unsteady rhythm, replicating the mood of the players left seated at the table. Onlookers shuffled around nervously, sensing that something big was about to happen.

But the bad guys never win ... do they?

"I wonder how many knife-wielding maniacs are sitting behind us?" An innocent question from the girlfriend - she was only being half serious - but still a question worth thinking about. After all, we had managed to get ourselves seats at Aussie Stadium for the Panthers vs Bulldogs qualifying final match surrounded by the infamous 'Bulldogs Army'. According to everything I had read, as an "outsider" I was pretty much guaranteed a beating at some stage of the match ... and possibly a firecracker or two as well. The fact we were planning to cheer for the Panthers was the final nail in this imaginary coffin of mine.

Never give up

FLASHBACK: The year is 2002, the match is Warriors vs Roosters at Aussie Stadium - the one just before the finals, and also the one where the Warriors were flogged by a rather unhealthy looking scoreline of 44 to blot.

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