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Round 8 - "Expert Tipsters"

"AVERAGE" is the best word to describe the tipping game for Round 7. Several of our tipsters floated around the 4/8 mark, with Az and Sam dragging up the average score. See what we think about Round 8.

Round 7 - "Expert Tipsters"

FINALLY - a slightly easier week for our "Expert Tipsters"

Round 6 - "Expert Tipsters"

ANYONE who says they have any idea how to tip this season is a liar...

Round 4 - "Expert Tipsters"

WELL, we're finally on a roll. Almost all of our tipsters managed to score at least four points in Round 4, with only the coin toss letting us down. Stupid 50/50 probability. Here's what we think will happen in Round 4.

Round 3 - "Expert Tipsters"

IT was a slightly better week for our experts in Round 2. We had three tipsters get five from eight, and in our books anything better than average is considered a win. Here's what we think will happen in Round 3.

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