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Forum Sevens: Hits and Misses

THERE has rarely been a season where the importance of goal kicking has shone through like the one just gone. In one of the closest competitions of the modern era, near hits and misses by the men with the magic boots have elevated them to victory or cost them defeat. Throughout the season there were some stand out kicks, but the number of costly misses in the top rugby league competition in the world was absolutely appalling.

Forum Sevens: The Truth Behind A Legend

WAS it the possibility of a New South Welshman rivalling Allan Langer as the premier halfback in Rugby League?

Forum Sevens: Problems With Referees

THE problem when it comes to referees, is spectators. No matter what they do, referee's just can't win. It's not all spectators that are the problem, but there are fans from all clubs that have the ability to be a disgrace. No matter who wins the match, groups of fans from the losing team are bound to be pointing their fingers at the man with the whistle to avoid seeing the fault lines that may appear in their own sides defence. They are too unwilling to realise that their team may have dropped the ball a dozen times when they had nothing but open field ahead of them. They are too biased to admit that their side just wasn't good enough to get the victory.

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