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Let me hate them, please

"MICHAEL, you must be looking forward to tonight's game. Gold Coast versus Brisbane, so it doesn't really matter who wins, right? They're both Queenslanders!" ...A Forum Sevens article from May 2009...

An ode to Benny's return

POLITICAL correctness. For some, to be politically correct represents a sense of belonging to a... A Forum Sevens article 'for the ages' from early 2009...

The curse of the Next Big Thing

"SUCCESS is counted sweetest by those who ne

It's not all about the main game, folks!

"SO, you're a footy fan hey? Love your Broncos? Travel to Suncorp every fortnight? Excellent, you're halfway there. All you have to do is keep this Sunday afternoon free, I'm coming to pick you up and we're going to watch a game of footy!"

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