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Roosters thrash Cowboys

ROUND 21 Sydney Roosters 40 v North Queensland Cowboys 20at Aussie StadiumReferee: Gavin BadgerMatch Summary:The Sydney Roosters have defeated the North Queensland Cowboys 40-20 at Aussie Stadium this afternoon.It was the Cowboys who were first out of the blocks and they looked to be cruising for the first half but the Roosters came out a different side in the second forty and put the Cowboys to the proverbial sword.In the latter stages of the second half the Roosters were white hot and the Cowboys could do nothing to stop them and the loss for the Cowboys makes their chances of securing a top eight berth all the more difficult, especially considering the magnitude of the loss, which will put a dent in their for and against.The Roosters still have a slim hope of making the finals but are more likely relishing the role of playing spoiler for the remainder of the 2006 season and today they played the role to perfection.The only thing Roosters fans will be asking is where was this team hiding for the previous 20 weeks of the competition?As for the Cowboys, their chances of making the top eight have just taken a big hit and without Jonathan Thurston, they look to be in serious strife and need to turn things around quickly if they are to challenge for the title in 2006.Scorers:Sydney Roosters: 40Tries: Brett Finch, Iosia Soliola, David Shillington, Shaun Foley(2), Josh LewisGoals: Craig Fitzgibbon 7/7, Amos Roberts 1/1North Queensland Cowboys: 20Tries: Matt Sing, Ashley Graham, Mark Henry(2)Goals: Josh Hannay 2/4By the Clock: 1 min: NEWS We are underway at Aussie Stadium!2 min: TRY North Queensland CowboysThe Cowboys are out of the blocks nice and early with Mark Henry scoring the opening try. Cowboys 4-015 min: NEWS Still no change in the score.16 min: TRY North Queensland CowboysSing crosses for the Cowboys and the signs are ominous for the Chooks. They need to lift their game if they want to get back into this match. Conversion successful. Cowboys 10-026 min: TRY North Queensland CowboysAshley Graham crosses for the third Cowboys try and Roosters don't even look interested at the moment. This could be the catalyst for the Cowboys to reignite their season. Conversion successful. Cowboys 16-035 min: NEWS No change to the score but the Cowboys would be happy to go to the break with a comfortable 16 point lead over the hapless Roosters.38 min: TRY Sydney RoostersThe Roosters are on the board just before the break through Shaun Foley. There's a pulse at least so there's still a chance for the Roosters. Cowboys 16-641 min: NEWS We are underway in the second half!44 min: TRY Sydney RoostersThe Roosters are back in the hunt with a great start to the second half. Soliola was the try scorer and now the Cowboys will have to lift their game to keep the Rooster from taking the lead. Conversion successful. Cowboys 16-1249 min: TRY Sydney RoostersThe Roosters hit the lead for the first time in the match and are looking very impressive at the moment. David Shillington was the scorer. Conversion successful. Roosters 18-1653 min: PENALTY GOAL Sydney RoostersThe Roosters extend the lead through a penalty goal to Craig Fitzgibbon. Roosters 20-1656 min: PENALTY GOAL Sydney RoostersThe Roosters move out to a six point lead through another penalty goal to Craig Fitzgibbon. The Cowboys need to pull their finger out if they are going to win this one. Roosters 22-1663 min: TRY Sydney RoostersThe Roosters are turning the screws on the Cowboys now with Amos Roberts scoring to give the Roosters a twelve point lead with just over fifteen minutes remaining. Roosters 28-1663 min: TRY Sydney RoostersJosh Lewis has extended the Roosters lead to twelve points with just over fifteen minutes remaining. Long way back for the Cowboys now. Conversion successful. Roosters 34-1667 min: TRY Sydney RoostersIt's all over now with Brett Finch rubbing salt into the wounds for the Cowboys, whose top eight aspirations just took a major dent. Conversion successful. Roosters 34-1671 min: TRY Sydney RoostersThe Roosters are piling it on in quick time and it may be the gliimer of a finals berth has them pumped up for their remaining five matches. Conversion successful. Roosters 40-1680 min: TRY North Queensland CowboysThe Cowboys get a consolation try but they wil be hurting right about now. With no Thurston for a few more weeks, they could very well miss the top eight for the first time since 2003. Roosters 40-20-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Craig Fitzgibbon2 - Brett Finch1 - Shaun Foley-----------------------------------------

Sportsunlimited goes live!

LEAGUEUNLIMITED is proud to announce the launch of our second website. Our new project Sportsunlimited is now ready for viewing.

Manly hang on against gallant Bunnies

ROUND 19 South Sydney Rabbitohs 20 v Manly Sea Eagles 26at Telstra StadiumReferees: Jarred MaxwellMatch Summary:Manly have defeated a gllant South Sydney side 26-20 at Telstra Stadium this evening.While the match never reached any great heights, Manly did enough to get out with the two points on offer but they were far from convincing in their effrt ot beat a determined and gallant South Sydney side.The loss for Souths condemns them to the wooden spoon (as if there were any doubt) while Manly consolidate their place in the top eight. However, Manly are still a few lengths off the top four sides and will have to improve dramatically if they are to cuase more than a ripple in this years finals series.Best for Manly were Michael Robertson, who bagged a hattrick while for Souths Nathan Merritt got a doubel and David Peachey had a good game from the back.Scorers:South Sydney Rabbitohs: 20Tries: Luke MacDougall, Nathan Merritt(2), David PeacheyGoals: Ben Walker 2/4Manly Sea Eagles: 26Tries: Brett Stewart, Luke Williamson, Michael Robertson(3)Goals: Matt Orford 3/5By the Clock: 0 min: NEWS We are underway at Telstra Stadium!8 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesManly strike first through winger Michael Robertson. Conversion successful. Sea Eagles 6-015 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths hit back through wily veteran David Peachey. Conversion successful so we are all level. 6 all.26 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths have hit the front and Manly fans would be a little nervous right about now. Luke MacDougall was the try scorer this time. Conversion unsuccesful. Rabbitohs 10-632 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesRobertson bags a double as we edge closer towards half time and the successful conversion from Orford gives Manly a two point lead. Sea Eagles 12-1036 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesHere we go again. Michael Robertson gets a hattrick and is having a great game. Conversion unsuccessful. Sea Eagles 16-1041 min: NEWS The second half is underway.49 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesBrett Stewart breaks Michael Robertson's monopoly on tries, bagging one of his own. Conversion successful. Sea Eagles 22-1055 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths hit back through Nathan Merritt but Ben Walker misses the conversion to leave the Bunnies eight points adrift. Still plenty of time on the clock though. Sea Eagles 22-1465 min: TRY Manly Sea EaglesSouths have put the cue in the rack fifteen minutes early tonight. Luke Willamson has scored Manly's fifth try to seal a hard fought victory. Conversion unsuccessful. Sea Eagles 26-1469 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths are in again through Nathan Merritt and with ten to go, they are a converted try behind Manly. Can they finally pull one from the fire or will they stumble at the final hurdle yet again? Sea Eagles 26-2076 min: NEWS time is running out for the Bunnies...80 min: NEWS Full time. Souths fell just short of another victory and Manly will gladly take the two points in the run home to the finals but they have a lot of work to do before they can trouble any of the big guns.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Michael Robertson2 - Nathan Merritt1 - Matt Orford-----------------------------------------

Who gives a Schif if you stay or go?

I read with interest this morning that Canberra Raiders captain Clinton Schifcofske is still considering a move to Rugby and that his departure from the nations capital is imminent.Schifcofske was quoted as saying ?I?ll do the right thing by the Raiders?. Sorry Clinton, that time has come and gone and each day without a decision means you are shafting the team, the club and more importantly, the fans. I doubt the fans reaction is even a secondary concern for Schif as he prepares to abandon the Raiders and leave them destitute, talent wise. As bitter a pill it would have been to swallow three weeks ago, now it?s much worse and any respect I had for him as a player and a person is fast diminishing. Rolling out clich?s like ?loyalty is a two way street? is a tried and true method but unfortunately it still rings true at the end of the day.We are nine days past the June 30 anti tampering deadline so the chance to do the right thing is about as stale as the mouldy bread in my cupboard. Canberra are in the grips of a player drain (Mogg, Woolford and Smith all going) and for the captain of the first grade team to consider his options NOW shows there is very little loyalty towards the club and the role of captain has a value in dollar terms only.I want players at my club who want to be there and if Schifcofske stays, it wont be because of loyalty, it will be because the Queensland Reds couldn?t come up with a better offer. This is not the person I want leading my team onto the field. This is not a person I want at my club and if it means his departure consigns the Raiders to the wooden spoon, then so be it. I would be more supportive of the club even if they were getting belted by 40 each week and if I knew the players who were turning up each week really wanted to be there, not just a whistle stop on the road to fame and fortune, I?d be the happiest fan around. Ok, not the happiest but you get my drift.Being capitalist in nature, I never begrudge a man a chance to earn as much as he can in his career but you know there is something wrong when a player on a rumoured $340,000 per season says he has to think about greener pastures for the good of himself and his family. Now, there could also be third party sponsorships and endorsements so the figure may be significantly higher than $340,000. It?s salaries like these that drive up ticket prices and the cost of food and merchandise for the average fan and I bet my bottom dollar Clinton doesn?t get around town in a beat up Gemini.I have to questions Clinton?s desire, is it the sport or the dollar that are driving you these days? There was a time when people like Clinton played for the love of their sport, not to fatten their already bulging wallets.If ever professional sport found a way to disenfranchise fans, comments like his are only going to accelerate the process. I doubt Clinton has ever given much thought to the notion that the average fan earns about $50,000 per annum, pays for his/her ticket each week buys the jersey to support his/her club both on and off the field. If Schifcofske is earning about seven times the average fans annual wage and then says he has to look after his family, what is the man in the street going to be thinking? There has to be a connection between the haves and the have nots. Today that connection is about as reliable as Telstra?s internet service.Yes, I realise there is a limited shelf life in Rugby League but when you have your manager getting you the good dollars, then $340,000 per year means in all likelihood you will own your own home well before your playing days are over and probably have another two or three as investments by the time you are 30.All I can say to Clinton is, regardless of your next move, your status as a Raiders legend is gone and you can continue to pay homage to your picture of Gordon Gekko because greed may be good for you, but it leaves a bad after taste for this fan. Just don?t let the door hit on your way out.

Panthers keep finals hopes alive as Raiders fade

ROUND 18 Penrith Panthers 24 v Canberra Raiders 12at CUA Stadium, PemrithReferees: Tony ArcherMatch Summary:The Penrith Panthers have scored an impressive 24-6 victory over a lacklustre Canberra Raiders side at CUA Stadium this evening.The Panthers never at any stage looked in danger of losing the match as the Raiders never got out of first gear, again allowing themselves to be totally dominated in the first half. Preston Campbell and Michael Gordon were the Panthers best while for the Raiders, no player stood out in such a disappointing display. Michael Gordon bagged a personal tally of 14 points through three goals and two tries.After the Raiders upset loss to the Eels last week, they had the chance to right a few wrongs and get their top eight aspirations back on track but the loss has made it extremely difficult for the Raiders to build any type of momentum in the stretch to the finals with such ordinary form against teams they were expected to defeat.For the Panthers, they are back in the hunt and tonight they did it without the captain Tony Puletua who was ruled out through injury earlier today. For the Raiders, start planning for Mad Monday, because you are kidding yourselves if you think you are finals material based on the efforts in the past two weeks.Scorers:Penrith Panthers: 24Tries: Preston Campbell, Rhys Wesser, Michael Gordon(2)Goals: Preston Campbell 1/2, Michael Gordon 3/3Canberra Raiders: 12Tries: Phillip Graham, Clinton SchifcofskeGoals: Clinton Schifcofske 2/2By the Clock:1 min: NEWS We are underway at CUA Stadium for the vital clash between the Raiders and the Panthers.5 min: NEWS No score yet but the play has been going all the Panthers way with the Raiders off to their usual slow start.12 min: NEWS Still no score and the Raiders are starting to warm to the occasion nicely.20 min: NEWS Midway through the first half and there is still no score between the Panthers and the Raiders. The Panthers have had the better of possession and are making more metres with the ball in hand but the Raiders line is yet to yield any points.22 min: TRY Penrith PanthersThe Panthers have opened the scoring through Rhys Wesser and Preston Campbell converts to give the Panthers a six point lead. Panthers 6-030 min: NEWS Still no change to the score with both sides playing a simple, no frills style of game tonight.40 min: TRY Penrith PanthersA crucial try to the Panthers right on the stroke of half time has really hurt an ordinary Canberra Raiders side who now have it all in front of them in the second half. Conversion unsuccessful. Panthers 10-041 min: NEWS We are underway in the second half.50 min: NEWS Panthers well on top and are dominating possession and the advantage line extremely well. Canberra are being overrun and at the moment look helpless to stop it.57 min: TRY Canberra RaidersThe Raiders are on the board after 57 minutes through Phil Graham. Schifcofske converts to get the Raiders within four points. Panthers 10-659 min: TRY Penrith PanthersThe Panthers hit straight back and have gone a long way to sealing the vital two points tonight. Canberra are self destructing and look long odds to pull this one out of the fire. Panthers 16-670 min: PENALTY GOAL Penrith PanthersMichael Gordon makes it virtually impossible for the Raiders to mount any comeback by extending the Panthers lead to two converted tries with under ten minutes remaining. Panthers 18-676 min: TRY Penrith PanthersThe Panthers put the icing on the cake with an impressive win against a terrible Canberra Raiders side who have pretty much just seen their top eight chances fly right out the window. Panthers 24-680 min: TRY Canberra RaidersThe Raiders score a consolation try to Clinton Schifcofske but don't be fooled by the scoreline, the Panthers were by far the better team. Conversion successful. Panthers 24-12-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Michael Gordon2 - Preston Campbell1 - Joel Clinton-----------------------------------------

Cowboys edge out Bunnies in FNQ thriller

ROUND 17 North Queensland Cowboys 16 v South Sydney Rabbitohs 14at Dairy Farmers StadiumReferees: Tony ArcherMatch Summary:The North Queensland Cowboys have done a houdini act and come from behind late in the game to snatch a 16-14 victory from the jaws of defeat against a gallant South Sydney Rabbitohs at Dairy Farmers Stadium this evening.Souths were coming off a hiding against the Warriors and their pride was at stake and for 75 minutes, it looked as though they would spring one of the upsets of the season but a late try to the Cowboys sealed the Bunnies fate and consigned them to a long flight home from Townsville tomorrow.The Cowboys were well below their best but with the Raiders imploding against the Eels, the Cowboys now find themselves back in the top eight and it may be the catalyst they need to breathe life back into their spluttering season.Scorers:North Queensland Cowboys: 16Tries: Aaron Payne(2), Brent McConnellGoals: Justin Smith 1/2, Brent McConnell 1/1South Sydney Rabbitohs: 14Tries: Mark Minichello, David Peachey, Jermaine PaulsonGoals: Ben Walker 1/3By the Clock:1 min: NEWS We are underway at Dairy Farmers Stadium!9 min: NEWS Still no score after both teams settle into their rythmn.15 min: NEWS Souths showing a lot more resolve than last week and are playing some solid footy.18 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths score the opening try through evergreen fullback David Peachey. Conversion unsuccessful. Souths 4-025 min: NEWS Souths still holding the upper hand over the Cowboys with some enterprising play and good defence.26 min: TRY North Queensland CowboysThe Cowboys are on the board via Aaron Payne. Justin Smith converts the try to give the Cowboys a two point advantage. Cowboys 6-434 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths take back the lead through a try to Mark Minichiello. Conversion successful. Rabbitohs 10-641 min: NEWS We are underway in the second half.50 min: NEWS Still no change to the half time score.55 min: TRY North Queensland CowboysHooker Aaron Payne gets a double to level the scores. I bet no one thought this match would be level with just over twenty minutes to go. Conversion unsuccessful. 10 all.65 min: NEWS Fifteen minutes remaining and Souths are hanging tough. Can they get the win in regulation or will extra time be required or will the Cowboys snatch the victory?68 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths take the lead once again through a try to rookie Jermaine Paulson. Conversion unsuccessful. Rabbitohs 14-1075 min: TRY North Queensland CowboysThe Cowboys come back to scoer and take the lead by two points with the successful conversion by Justin Smith. Oh so close for the Bunnies. Cowboys 16-1480 min: NEWS The Cowboys have defeated Souths by two points and the loss would be heartbreaking for the Bunnies, who probably deserved to win over an out of sorts Cowboys team.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Aaron Payne2 - Mark Minichiello1 - Peter Cusack-----------------------------------------

Panthers snatch late victory over the Tigers

ROUND 16 Penrith Panthers 24 v Wests Tigers 20at CUA Stadium, PenrithReferees: Russell SmithMatch Summary:The Penrith Panthers have defeated the Wests Tigers 24-20 at CUA Stadium this evening.Penrith raced out to an 18-4 lead late in the first half but the Tigers scored just before the break to reduce the deficit to ten points at the half.The Tigers then went on a scoring spree, eventually taking the lead 20-18 in only the 52nd minute. With just under half an hour on the clock the Panthers had plenty of time to get back in the game but the match winner didn't come until the 74th minute, with Luke Lewis scoring to give the Panthers a narrow two point lead.A Preston Campbell penalty goal in the last minute of play sealed the result for the Panthers and the win gets them back into the finals race as they are now equal with the Tigers, Raiders and Cowboys on 16 points.The loss was a costly one for the Tigers, who lost Benji Marshall to a shoulder injury in the second half after he tried to pull off a shoulder charge on Tony Puletua, a move fraught with danger. At this stage there is no word on the severity of the injury to Marshall, but he does have problems with his shoulders so Tigers fans will no doubt be waiting with anticpation as to the severity of his injury.In the end, it was the kicking of Preston Campbell that proved to be the difference in a tight contest that may yet shape the remainder of the season for both clubs.Scorers:Penrith Panthers: 24Tries: Preston Campbell, Danny Galea, Luke Lewis, Michael GordonGoals: Preston Campbell 4/5Wests Tigers: 20Tries: Ben Galea, Chris Heighington, Shannon McDonnell(2)Goals: Brett Hodgson 2/4Halftime: Panthers 18-8Crowd: 16,120By the Clock: 1 min: NEWS We are underway at CUA Stadium!5 min: TRY Wests TigersShannon McDonnell opens the scoring for the Tigers but Hodgson misses the conversion. Tigers 4-013 min: TRY Penrith PanthersThe Panthers hit back through a try to Danny Galea and take the lead through the successful conversion to Preston Campbell. Panthers 6-420 min: NEWS Halfway through the first half and it's a pretty even contest so far with the Panthers holding a slight edge.30 min: NEWS After 30 minutes, still no change to the score but the Tigers are starting to find a lot of open space so they may hit the lead before the break.33 min: TRY Penrith PanthersPenrith extend their lead through a try to rookie Michael Gordon and with the successful conversion, the Panthers take an eight point lead with just over five minutes until half time. Panthers 12-435 min: TRY Penrith PanthersThe Tigers are in real trouble now as the Panther score again in quick time. Preston Campbell was the man to inflict pain on the Tigers this time and the mountain men now hold a comfortable lead just moments before the break. Panthers 18-438 min: TRY Wests TigersThe Tigers score a crucial try before half time that leaves them ten points in arrears but with their attacking powers, they are a long way from gone in this match. Panthers 18-841 min: NEWS We are underway in the second half!50 min: TRY Wests TigersThe Tigers are right back in the match thanks to a try to Ben Galea. Brett Hodgson converts his first try of the night to get the Tigers within four points and there is plenty of time left on the clock. Panthers 18-1452 min: TRY Wests TigersUnbelievably, the Tigers are in front thanks to a try to Shannon McDonnell and the successful conversion from Brett Hodgson. Can the Panthers hit back? Tigers 20-1865 min: NEWS With fifteen minutes remaining, the Tigers still hold a narrow two point lead so this one may well go down to the wire as has been the case recently.71 min: NEWS With under ten minutes remaining, the Panthers need to at least get a penalty goal and send the game into extra time but if the Tigers score, it's all over.74 min: TRY Penrith PanthersThe Panthers have hit back through Luke Lewis and it might just be enough to get them home and ignite their premiership aspirations and put a dent in the title hopes of the Tigers. Still, with five to go you'd be a brave person to say the result is in the bag. Panthers 22-2080 min: PENALTY GOAL Penrith PanthersPreston Campbell caps off a fine game with a penalty goal in the last minute to add a little salt into the wound for the Tigers. Panthers 24-20-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Preston Campbell (Panthers)2 - Luke Lewis (Panthers)1 - Shannon McDonnell (Tigers)-----------------------------------------

Eels beat Bunnies to keep finals hopes alive

ROUND 15 Parramatta Eels 30 v South Sydney Rabbitohs 10at Parramatta StadiumReferees: Russell SmithMatch Summary:The Parramatta Eels have run out convincing 30-10 winners over the South Sydney Rabbitohs this evening at Parramatta Stadium.This was a clash between the bottom two teams on the NRL ladder and it showed in the quality of the game and the size of the crowd.Souths got out to an early four nil lead thanks to a try from veteran Paul Mellor but after that things went downhill in a hurry with the Eels scoring the next three tries in the first half to take a 16-4 lead into half time.The Eels then were first to score in the second half courtesy of a John Morris try and that pretty much sealed the match for the Eels and kept their slim finals hopes alive. While for the Bunnies, any thoughts of back to back wins were quickly snuffed out by the Eels as Souths failed to capitalise on the Eels unforced errors.Back to the drawing board for Souths as another wooden spoon becomes more of a reality while the Eels live to fight another day but they too face an uphill battle to make the finals in 2006.Scorers:Parramatta Eels: 30Tries: Nathan Hindmarsh, Peter-John Marsh, Fuifui Moimoi, John Morris, Brett DelaneyGoals: Mark Riddell 2/2, Brett Delaney 3/4South Sydney Rabbitohs: 10Tries: Manase Manuokafoa, Paul MellorGoals: Ben Walker 1/2Halftime: Eels 16-4Crowd: 10,097By the Clock: 1 min: NEWS We are underway at a chilly and sparsely populated Parramatta Stadium this evening.6 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsThe Bunnies have continues on from their win last week with the opening try to Paul Mellor this evening. Rabbitohs 4-015 min: NEWS Fifteen minutes gone and no change to the scores. Bunnies doing it comfortably at the moment.20 min: TRY Parramatta EelsA try you could sink your teeth into with the man with the name so good, you have to say it twice! That's right, Fui Fui Moi Moi has scored a try to give the Eels the lead. Eels 6-430 min: NEWS The Eels are leading but making too many unforced errors and that is keeping Souths in the game at the moment.32 min: TRY Parramatta EelsThe Eels move further ahead through a try to centre Brett Delaney. Eels 10-440 min: TRY Parramatta EelsOn the stroke of half time the Eels have taken a commanding lead over Souths. P J Marsh was the try scorer this time and the Eels are looking good for a change. Eels 16-441 min: NEWS We are underway in the second half!46 min: TRY Parramatta EelsThe Eels are doing their for and against a world of good and are starting to humiliate the poor old Bunnies. Eels 22-458 min: NEWS Midway through the second half and the Eels are in crusie control. It would take an act of God to get the Bunnies across the line in this match.70 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths score with ten through Manase Manuokafoa to go to narrow the deficit to two converted tries. Can the Eels lose this one? Stanger things have happened... Eels 22-1074 min: ATTEMPTED PENALTY GOAL Parramatta EelsThe Eels put the issue beyond doubt with a penalty goal to Mark Riddell. Eels 22-1074 min: PENALTY GOAL Parramatta EelsThe Eels put the issue beyond doubt with Mark Riddell slotting the penalty goal to seal the match. Eels 24-1078 min: TRY Parramatta EelsThe Eels have reached thirty points through a try to Nathan Hindmarsh. Good result for the Eels and their for and against. Eels 30-1080 min: NEWS The Eels have run out convincing 30-10 winners over South Sydney to keep their faint finals hopes alive while the Bunnies edge closer to yet another wooden spoon.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - Nathan Hindmarsh2 - Fuifui Moimoi1 - Mark Riddell-----------------------------------------

Souths notch up first victory in 2006

ROUND 14 South Sydney Rabbitohs 34 v Brisbane Broncos 14at Telstra StadiumReferee: Ben CumminsMatch Summary:The South Sydney Rabbitohs have defeated the Brisbane Broncos 34-14 at Telstra Stadium this eveing to record their maiden victory in season 2006.Souths never let the Broncos hit the lead throughout the match and ran away with the match comfortably in the end to gain their breakthrough victory in 2006 and also defeat the Broncos for the first time since 1989.Brisbane were missing ten players from their first grade side and in the end the loss of so many players was simply too much to overcome and they now give up first spot on the NRL ladder to the Melbourne Storm pending the outcome of their match with the Parramatta Eels tomorrow.A rejuvinated David Peachey had an excellent game while Luke Macdougall was also very strong out wide, causing the young Broncos backs plenty of headaches with his powerful running.Ben Walker had an excellent night with the boot, landing five from six to give the scoreline the exclamation mark it deserved.Brisbane must now back up after Origin against the Dragons and there will be many out there deathriding the Broncos as this is where the mid-season slump usually starts.Souths won't be worried about next week for tonight at least. They have a lot of celebrating to do and the win may be enough to attract a few more high profile players to the club as we head towards silly season.Scorers:South Sydney Rabbitohs: 34Tries: Jaiman Lowe, Luke MacDougall(2), Todd Polglase, Nathan Merritt(2)Goals: Ben Walker 5/6Brisbane Broncos: 14Tries: Leon Bott, Brett Seymour, Fraser AndersonGoals: Corey Parker 1/3By the Clock:1 min: NEWS We are underway at Telstra Stadium!7 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsThe Bunnies open the scoring through Nathan Merritt. Good signs early for the Rabbitohs. Rabbitohs 4-010 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsLuke Macdougall is over as Souths score their second try. It's all read and green at Telstra at the moment. Rabbitohs 10-016 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosDebutant Fraser Anderson gets the Broncos first try to narrow the gap to four points. Rabbitohs 10-625 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosBroncos are in again, this time through Brett Seymour. Conversion unsuccessful. 10 all.34 min: NEWS With just over five minutes to half time, the scores remain locked at 10 all with Souths blowing a few scoring chances.37 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths score a crucial try just minutes out from half time to take a six point lead. Jaiman Lowe was the scorer of the try. Rabbitohs 16-1041 min: NEWS We are underway in the second half.45 min: TRY Brisbane BroncosSpeester Leon Bott scores the opening try of the second half to get the Broncos back on track. Rabbitohs 16-1449 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths hit straight back and with the successful kick, extend their lead to eight points which is a big one considering the weather conditions. Rabbitohs 22-1460 min: NEWS Three quarters of the match gone and the Broncos will need to work hard to get out of this one or they will have to live with the fact they are Souths first victims in 2006.61 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsOpen the champers because the Bunnies are home and hosed. Luke Macdougall scores to give the Bunnies a big lead with under twnety minutes remaining. Brisbane will need a miracle to get out of this one! Rabbitohs 28-1470 min: NEWS Ten to go and only a miracle will get the Broncos home now. Souths will be celebrating well into the night!70 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsLuke Macdougall is over as Souths score their second try. It's all read and green at Telstra at the moment. Rabbitohs 34-1476 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths make it a night to remember as Todd Polglase puts the icing on the cake to give the Bunnies their first win over the Broncos since 1989 and their first win in 2006. Rabbitohs 34-1480 min: NEWS Souths have run out convincing winners over the Brisbane Broncos by 34-14 to record their first victory of the year. Congrats to the Bunnies on the win tonight against a Broncos side missing ten players through injury and Origin committments.-----------------------------------------Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:3 - David Peachey (Rabbitohs)2 - Luke MacDougall (Rabbitohs)1 - Ben Walker (Rabbitohs)-----------------------------------------

Raiders hang on against plucky Rabbitohs

ROUND 13 Canberra Raiders 24 v South Sydney Rabbitohs 22at Canberra StadiumReferees: Jarred MaxwellMatch Summary:The Canberra Raiders have defeated the South Sydney Rabbitohs 24-22 at Canberra Stadium this evening.Souths, yet to win a game were finishing all over the Raiders until a late Marshall Chalk try clinched the much-needed two points for the Raiders, who now find themselves on the cusp of the top eight.It's also the first time this year the Raiders have won back to back matches albeit by a combined margin of three points.Canberra went to the break leading 18-6 and were doing it comfortably but as we have seen on numerous occasions this year, the Raiders folded like a proverbial house of cards in the second half and that's taking nothing away from the Bunnies, who scored just as many tries as the Raiders but came up one conversion short in the end.The Bunnies face the Broncos minus their Origin stars next week and the pressure will be on the Broncos to not become the Bunnies fist scalp in 2006.The Raiders play the Bulldogs minus their Origin stars next week but will need a vastly improved performance if they are to get close to the Dogs.All in all, a very close match but one the Raiders really should have put away far earlier than the 75th minute.Scorers:Canberra Raiders: 24Tries: Todd Carney, Marshall Chalk, David Howell, Alan TongueGoals: Clinton Schifcofske 4/4South Sydney Rabbitohs: 22Tries: Peter Cusack, Shannan McPherson, Joe Williams, Paul MellorGoals: Joe Williams 3/5By the Clock:0 min: NEWS Tonight marks the celebration of the Canberra Raiders 25th anniversary in the NSWRL, ARL and NRL with many past greats in attendance to celebrate the clubs significant milestone. For the Bunnies, David Peachey will make his debut at fullback for the club and in freezing conditions, he will have his work cut out for him as the Bunnies strive for their first win of the season.5 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsThe Bunnies are fast out of the blocks tonight with Paul Mellor scoring the first try after the Raiders were penalised twice and gave good field position to Souths. Rabbitohs 4-012 min: TRY Canberra RaidersThe Raiders hit back through a try to Todd Carney after soaking up all the early pressure from Souths. Raiders 6-415 min: PENALTY GOAL South Sydney RabbitohsJoe Williams gets Souths back to level scores with a penalty goal. 6 all.20 min: NEWS Midway through the first half and the scores are still locked at six all. No team looks better than the other at the moment.24 min: TRY Canberra RaidersThe Raiders score again. This time it's David Howell who crosses to put the Raiders out to a six point lead. Raiders 12-630 min: TRY Canberra RaidersThe Raiders are in again through Alan Tongue as they start to go up a notch in the latter stages of the first half. Still a long way to go in this match though. Raiders 18-635 min: NEWS Five minutes out from half time and no change to the scores. The Raiders still ead 18-6.40 min: NEWS The Raiders hold a twelve point lead at half time against Souths but the Raiders have been notorious for their second half fades in 2006 ad need to come out on the front foot and really dominate Souths if they are to win this match. Souths have had very little ball and will be happy with the fact they are only 12 points in arrears. It is very cold inb Canberra and that is one thing in the Raiders favour.41 min: NEWS We are underway in the second half.47 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsThe Bunnies score the first try of the second half and are now within sight of the Raiders. As I said earlier, still a long way to go in this match. Raiders 18-1053 min: NEWS Souths have had all the ball in the opening stages of the second half and are starting to look threatening against the Raiders defence. 64 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsSouths back within two points and the Raiders are fading badly in the latter stages of the match. Will they be the first side to lose to Souths in 2006 and earn what would be the most unenviable record in Rubgy League. Raiders 18-1670 min: NEWS As we enter the final ten minutes the Raiders hold a slender two point lead. Cany they hold on?75 min: TRY Canberra RaidersThe Raiders have scored with just over five minutes remaining and should wrap it up from here if they play smart footy. Marshall Chalk was the scorer but the Raiders have been pushed all the way by a very gallant South Sydney side. Raiders 24-1680 min: TRY South Sydney RabbitohsThe Bunnies captain gets a late try to give a better reflection of how the match played out and Souths were unlucky not to win in the end with a solitary conversion proving the difference. Raiders 24-22

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