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Out Of The Kitchen And Onto The Field

RUGBY league is a tough and brutal game, it can even at times be considered a cruel game, yet there is no justifiable reason to describe it as a manly game. The sport of Rugby League has traditionally been portrayed in the media as a hard mans sport, typically a good way for average aussie blokes to bond over a few beers. Yet as my new-age male mind mellows over a steamy hot latte I cannot help but conclude there is just no reason for this situation. Throughout the last fifty years society has evolved significantly in regards to gender relations. Women are now seen to be active participants in a variety of industries and social avenues that until recently had been widely regarded as male domains. Perhaps it is time for Rugby League and all professional sport for that matter to consider becoming the next step in the recently paved road to equality. Such a move would benefit both women and the sport of rugby league, this article shall explain why.

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