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My Mountain of Rankings - Round 10

ANOTHER average performance by the Storm sees a new leader at the top of the Rankings. There were so many upsets this week I thought the commentators were going to collapse during their broadcasts, but they managed to stay strong to give us another week of awesome football action. With State of Origin at the forefront of everyone's mind, which teams will step up to the plate and who will be crushed?

Round 9 - My Mountain of Rankings

MANY a football mind was blown this past week as footy fans endured a few breathtaking games which resulted in some amazing upsets, the biggest of which was our King of the Hill Storm getting pimped slapped by the mighty open palm of the Green Machine. Are they still able to maintain their eternal grip on the top spot of these rankings or have they slipped up?

Round 8 - My Mountain of Rankings

AFTER this weekend each team will be one third of the way through their epic 2013 schedule, unfortunately some teams are yet to realise the season has started. Taking a nap for the first bit of your NRL schedule has proven to be an ineffective way to notch up wins and make the finals. Parramatta take note, losing is not good.

Round 7 - My Mountain of Rankings

THERE'S something about ANZAC Day that brings the excitement to a Round of Rugby League. Maybe it's the Beer and gambling, maybe it's not. Either way I had to wait through a weekend of sub-par Rep Footy matches for this week of Football so I'm going to appreciate it! Get ready to be blown away by some amazing games folks, this week is a cracker!

Round 6 - My Mountain of Rankings

I feel like games used to be a little easier to predict back in the day. What kind of team let's a 16 point lead get chased down? I'll tell you who, the bloody Roosters. I feel like lately my power rankings have been changing as frequently as the Tigers halves combination. Let's hope it's a bit better this week (on both counts).

Round 5 - My Mountain of Rankings

NOW that all this exciting Thursday night football action is done with, everyone can resume their regular tradition of falling asleep while watching the Broncos game every Friday night. In football news, Warriors and Dragons fans will be happy to know that their teams don't completely suck arse (actually, yes they do). Anyway, onto the Power Rankings!

Round 4 - My Mountain of Rankings

THE competition proves as hard to decipher as ever. Surely no team

Round 3 Power Rankings: My Mountain of Rankings

LOOKING back at Round 2 has me a little woozy in places, though not having Knights' fans predicting an undefeated season does make me a little happier.

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