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A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

AN article originally posted after the final round of the NRL minor premiership. From Pistol in the Forum Sevens Preliminary Final...

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?

OR is it? You know the song by Elton John (minus the question mark of course)....

(The Spotlight On) Kris Radlinski

FEW men have graced the mortal coil with honour and integrity. Even fewer who could combine that grace, skill and heart. One such man was born into the world on the 9th of April 1976 in the town of Wigan in England. That man is Kris Radlinski. The year was 1993. In the Australian competition the Brisbane Broncos were embarking on their journey to obtain their second title in consecutive years, a feat not easily obtained in that day and age. In the English competition, the Wigan Warriors were going for their own set of consecutive titles.Wigan has a proud history in the English game. They have won many titles throughout the history of Rugby league in the ?Old Dart?, 17 to be exact. They unearthed in 1993 a future legend in fullback, Kris Radlinski. Radlinski was a 17 year old Wigan junior, born and bred. The ?cherry and whites? saw the boundless talent he had and quickly put him into the First Grade team where he found his feet. He took to the game of league like mustard takes to a hot dog. His ability to diffuse a bomb was second to none. He had pace, skill, swerve and a will to succeed. But with any good tradesman, even if the right tools are on hand, he still needed to work to improve what he had and to evolve his own skills. He knew that he needed to grow as a player, but more than that, he wanted to.Radlinski was instrumental in helping to keep the Wigan legacy alive by helping them in their quest to win the treble. In Rugby League in England that consists of the Challenge Cup, the Premiership and the coveted World Championship. Wigan won that honour in the 1994 season, most notably taking the World Title off the Brisbane Broncos in front of a huge crowd at ANZ Stadium. On field honours aside, it is Kris? personality and his integrity off the paddock which makes him a true legend and it exemplifies the reason I have looked up to him since he came onto the scene in the early 90?s.After years of loyal service to the game of Rugby League, Radlinski was approached in 2001 to join the ranks of Rugby Union. In an era when Rugby Yawnion was approaching the big names of league to jump ship, it wasn?t a surprise to many that Rads was propositioned. With Wendell Sailor and Mat Rogers having agreed to join the other code after the powerbrokers had opened up their cheque books, it would have been hard to turn down such a lucrative offer. To quote Colonel Samuel Trautmann from Rambo: First Blood, ??that?s like bringing the pigeons to the cat.? But Rads stayed true to his hometown club and wanted to continue to repay the loyalty the Warriors had shown him. Radlinski went on to play a pivotal role in the 2002 Challenge Cup final, helping Wigan to beat their razor sharp rivals St Helens, winning the Lance Todd Trophy for player of the match. His performance is made that much more remarkable by having fluid drained from his foot hours before the game.

Rugby League = Escapism?

ARTICLE writing can be easy at times but sometimes things just don?t seem to fit. It?s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Ideas come, ideas go. Circumstances change and sometimes you got to write from the heart.

Tough Going

THE chips are down. Backs are to the wall. Blood is being spilt. Rules and bones are being broken. Legs are like cement blocks. The gas tank is down to the last droplet. OHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH. (Insert Tim ?The Tool-man? Taylor grunt here. Well, we are talking about Origin, so insert 5 grunts.) I can?t imagine watching a better scenario for any side. Nothing beats it.

Out With The Old, In With The New

THROUGHOUT the years, stemming back to league?s inception back in 1895 in England, there have been many changes to this very day. Much of it similar as to what happens in the movie ?Office Space?, starring Ron Livingston and Jennifer Aniston, a ?consultant? comes in to see what works where, how it works and whether it is redundant or irreplaceable.

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