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Elland Road is ready to roll

I'VE spent much of this week in down town Leeds. Being from Australia and all, getting used to the weather has been quite a challenge. But rest assured, come tomorrow night (or Sunday Morning Australian time), the locals will tear down the terraces at Elland Road

Forum Sevens: Time to change the finals format

YES, I can hear the moans from a mile away. Lock me up in a padded cell, throw away the keys. Well to all the doubting thomas? in here, all I can say is sit down, shut up and listen for a second!

Post Mortem- Canterbury Bulldogs

2003...THE year of the 'Gunna'

Forum Sevens: Selling The Drama at NRL Creek

TO those with a background in 90's rock, the title will be instantly familiar. But in singing the song last night (in my best Ed Kowalcyzk voice of course), I wondered to myself, how can the NRL identify with the song?

Excuse me Mr Ref, can I have your signature??

2002. The game we play and love is rugby league. We are drawn to the sport by the teams, the atmosphere and the players. So why in the blue hell are the refs so famous??

Crowded House??

SOME have said that 2002 was destined to be the year when Rugby League in Australia returned to the big leagues. South Sydney were back in the fold and the public seemed interested in rugby league again.

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