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Growing up with footy

?MR and Mrs Charlton, it?s a boy! What will his name be??

Forum Sevens: The Knee Reconstruction

RUGBY League is a gladiator's sport. Only the fittest, most dedicated and toughest can survive, or reach the heights of playing or even captaining their country. It is a true man's game. But no matter how strong, fit or fast you are, sometime during your career playing the greatest game of all, you will suffer from an injury of some sort. Whether it be a corked thigh, concussion, broken bones, busted balls (in the sad case of Brett Kimmorley) and, the most horrific of them all: knee ligaments snapping, requiring a reconstruction. There is an argument that the busted balls are worse, but they're so rare that they don't really count. Kimmorley is probably the first player in history to suffer such an injury.

Forum Sevens: Get off Queensland's back!

MUCH conjecture has been raised about Queensland following the two thrashings handed to them by New South Wales in games one and two of the series. Some have even gone overboard and said the Origin concept is 'dead', and Queensland won't be winning another Origin series anytime soon.

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