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Monday?s Expert Players Awards - Round 10

LEAGUE Wrap: Round 10, 13-15 May 2005 Both Storm half back Matt Orford and Cowboys? full back Matt Bowen have scored maximum points to progress to equal first place in this year?s Player Awards.

Monday?s Expert Players Awards - Round 9

LEAGUE Wrap: Round 9, 7-8 May 2005

Round 9 Team of the Week

ROUND 9 of the NRL saw a couple of upsets take place and as a result we've got a fresh faced 17 raring to take on any comers. The past few weeks have yielded sides that faced scrutiny from some quarters, but there is no arguing that the Round 9 League Unlimited Team of the Week would do a number on anyone in the comp. Just look at the backline which oozes points and the forwards who could run over the top of any opposing pack!!!

Round 10 preview ? Out to impress

LAST week nearly went according to the script with the notable exceptions being Canberra and Parramatta. The Raiders overcame an 18-point deficit to run out winners against Penrith at home in an absolutely startling display of footy. Then the Eels finally found their feet (metaphorically speaking) and put 50 points on premiership material in the Cowboys. And with that went my perfect round, thanks guys.

Round 10 Teams and Fixtures

FRIDAY, May 13th 2005

Round 8 Team of the Week

AN interesting line-up here acknowledges the work some players put in each week with plenty of regular first graders that don't always get the wraps they deserve. You could put this week's League Unlimited Team of the Week on the field against anyone and they wouldn't disappoint.

Round 9 Preview - Back to the drawing board.

IT'S not just me who needs to re-asses their season, a few teams out there were shown up in spectacular fashion last week as the competition took another twist in it's seemingly unending random nature. But whilst I face little more than the scorn of my peers for the meagre 31 from 56 picks I've carved out thus far, the failures of the Sea Eagles, Roosters, Storm and Warriors have far greater implications.

Round 9 Teams and Fixtures

SATURDAY, 7th May 2005

Round 8 Preview - The planets are back in line

AFTER being amongst the 32-odd thousand fans at Aussie Stadium on Monday and watching the Dragons record their second victory for the season, I proudly marched into work on Tuesday, buoyed by my tipping results, for I had selected a mighty 6 from 7 and the harsh office environment which had ostracised me for my apparent lack of footballing brains were ready to welcome me back to the fold.

Round 8 Teams and Fixtures

FRIDAY 29th April 2005

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