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Round 9 Preview - Back to the drawing board.

IT'S not just me who needs to re-asses their season, a few teams out there were shown up in spectacular fashion last week as the competition took another twist in it's seemingly unending random nature. But whilst I face little more than the scorn of my peers for the meagre 31 from 56 picks I've carved out thus far, the failures of the Sea Eagles, Roosters, Storm and Warriors have far greater implications.

Round 9 Teams and Fixtures

SATURDAY, 7th May 2005

Round 8 Preview - The planets are back in line

AFTER being amongst the 32-odd thousand fans at Aussie Stadium on Monday and watching the Dragons record their second victory for the season, I proudly marched into work on Tuesday, buoyed by my tipping results, for I had selected a mighty 6 from 7 and the harsh office environment which had ostracised me for my apparent lack of footballing brains were ready to welcome me back to the fold.

Round 8 Teams and Fixtures

FRIDAY 29th April 2005

Monday?s Expert Players Awards - Round 8

LEAGUE Wrap: Round 8, 29-30 April, 1 May 2005

Round 7 Team of the Week

THIS week's mob is a tough bunch with a few players out of their accustomed positions, but the League Unlimited selection panel is firmly of the view that each player can hold their own where they've been selected. This team could give any club in the NRL a working over and are oozing point-scoring ability. Here is the Round 7 League Unlimited Team of the Week.

Round 7 Preview ? Never give up!

WHILE things seem to be going swimmingly for some teams, others just go from bad to worse. After looking like they turned the corner against Manly, the Dragons went down to the Broncos in a must win situation. Similarly after weeks of frustration, Andrew Johns was enjoying proceedings, then one tackle and a broken jaw later and look what happens. And I thought I was having a hard time with an abysmal 22 from 42 picks this season!

Monday?s Expert Players Awards - Round 6

ROUND 6, 15-17 April 2005 Not much has changed at the top of this week?s Player Awards.

Round 7 Teams and Fixtures

SATURDAY, 23rd April 2005

Round 6 Team of the Week

WHAT a superb line-up! As the footy keeps getting better each week, so does the talent we get to choose from. This time around we've got a star-studded side bursting at the seams with Internationals and other players showing great form in the toughest competition in the world. Given the exhibition of mouth-watering play witnessed this weekend, the Round 6 League Unlimited Team of the Week can stand up, march out onto the field and be firmly proclaimed as "the bomb!"

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