100th Curse: Cowboys Edge Out in Celebratory Match

The Gold Coast have had two players hit the 100-game milestones for the club this year and Scott Prince joins the 100-club. However the curse continues as the Cowboys put a good performance in to defeat them 28-20. In clearer conditions then to those previous on Friday Night, the Titans started well but failed in the second half.

Errors coming early from both sides as the completion rate wasn't ideal from both sides however the Titans made use of their ball early with a try to William Zillman in the 14th minute set up by the boot of Prince who also added the extra.

The Titans looking on song with their second, a try out of dummy half with Matt Srama getting the jump on the Cowboys' defence and finding in support William Zillman who ran down to collect his second of the night. Gold Coast Titans 12-0 after 21 minutes.

The Cowboys crossed the line for their first points with James Segeyaro from dummy half spreading it wide to his left wing for Ashley Graham to dive over in the 25th minute. The boot of Matthew Bowen added the extras to take the score to 12-6.

Heading into the break a penalty goal to the Titans extended their lead to 8 points, giving them a 14-6 at the half time siren. 

The second 40 minutes started in favour of the visitors with two favourable Video Referee visits in 4 minutes. The first was awarded to Ashley Graham who was ruled to have grounded the ball in a mess of hands. 
The second try came from Brent Tate going over the line thanks to a Kalifa Faifai Loa offload. Bowen's boot allowed the Cowboys to take the lead 18-14 6 minutes into the second half.

The Titans reclaimed the lead with more of their own points in the 54th minute. Scott Prince with a beautiful kick across field to the left corner hit Steve Michaels spot on the mark and Prince added the extras to reclaim the lead, putting the
 Titans ahead 20-18.

The Titans slipped away in the second half as they have done previously in the 2011 season, as their defence in the space of 2 minutes saw the Cowboys cross the line 3 times and all required a review from the Video Referee. 

As a result of the looks 2 were denied and just the one try for the Cowboys out of it to Gavin Cooper who was making up for a dropped ball over the try line early. The try was constructed by a Faifai Loa sideline break, which got the ball on to Cooper to score.

With 5 minutes of the match remaining the Cowboys got going from dummy half to spread it wide to the left edge to put Willie Tonga over to score. Cowboys collected two needed points from the win defeating the Titans 28-20.

Match Details
Gold Coast Titans 20 were defeated by North Queensland Cowboys 28
National Rugby League - Round 20 - Saturday July 23, 2011 5:30pm
Venue: Skilled Park
Referee: Jared Maxwell and Henry Perenara
Video Referee: Phil Cooley
Touch Judges: Adam Reid and Clayton Sharpe
Crowd: 15,741
Halftime: Gold Coast Titans 14 North Queensland Cowboys 6

Leagueunlimited.com players of the match:
3 Points - Matt Bowen (4 Conversions)
2 Points - Ben Jones
1 Point - Scott Prince (3 Conversions, 1 Penalty Goal)

Tries: Steve Michaels, William Zillman (2)
Conversions: Scott Prince (3/3)
Penalty Goals: Scott Prince (1/1)

Tries: Brent Tate, Ashley Graham (2), Willie Tonga, Gavin Cooper
Conversions: Matt Bowen (4/5)

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary Good Afternoon League Fans. An interesting clash coming up in about 20 minutes time. The last placed Gold Coast Titans host the 5th placed Cowboys who are fighting for a top 4 spot here at Skilled Park.

In team news, it's been confirmed that both sides are as per program, 1 through 17. Tonight sees Titans Captain Scott Prince rack up his 100th match for the Gold Coast. Also the Titans welcome Beau Henry into the side since signing with the side after coming from the Knights.

As for the Cowboys, this match they call up Ben Jones in the attempt to fill the void left by Johnathan Thurston in the halves.
Both sides about to run out here at Skilled Park. If you are you Twitter tonight for this clash don't forget to use the hashtag #NRLgldnql
We are underway here at Skilled Park thanks to the whistle of Referee Jared Maxwell. Cowboys kicking off for the Titans to get first use.
1 min: The Titans go with an early kick on the 4th kick with Beau Henry, however it hitting the Cowboys and the Titans losing metres as it was regathered at the 20 metre line. But on the last the kick away again with Henry to be collected by the Cowboys.
1 min: First Penalty of the night going to the Cowboys for Titans racking the ball out. Cowboys on the attack early inside the Titans 30m line.
2 min: Good goal line defence from the Titans as the Cowboys looking for a hole with a kick off Ben Jones.
3 min: Titans going strong early in attack with Zillman making a break up field.
3 min: Good attacking set from the Titans, as Zillman got them up to the 30m line of the Cowboys. However at the end of the set Henry opting to go the air and it's collected by the Cowboys.
4 min: Matty Bowen going for a kick on the 4th tackle down field from just inside the 40 m line, but collected by the Titans easily.
5 min: Titans back under pressure thanks to a forward pass call against Anthony Laffranchi getting it to Beau Henry, Scrum packs for the Cowboys only 30m from the Gold Coast line.
6 min: More good defence on the line from the Titans as the Cowboys failed to get through the line. On the last Bowen rushing a short grubber kick to be cleaned up by Capewell.
7 min: Ronnie Palmer almost getting hit with the ball as the pass when back to Prince for the kick...We have a zero tackle call as Ray Thompson has gone to ground with an injury. Time off.
7 min: On replay Ray Thompson coping a knee to the head thanks to Luke Bailey, however he is okay and up on his feet. Titans on the attack just inside his own half.
8 min: Scott Prince controlling the game here with a kick down field and it going over the sideline for a Cowboys scrum feed.
9 min: Penalty to the Cowboys which will help them get out of their own half. Kick taken down field and to be played on halfway.
11 min: Cowboys trying to get the play moving as Gavin Cooper offloading at the back of the ruck for Ben Jones, however Jones not being able to collect it. Scrum going to the Titans.
11 min: Cowboys forcing the error in the ruck as Brent Tate came over the top to get it free. Another scrum to pack down for the Cowboys to go on the attack inside the Titans 30m line.
13 min: Matt Bowen coughing the ball up and it was collected by Greg Bird and he was confused and looking around for a faster man and found the arms of Capewell. The Titans making it up to the 40m line.
14 min: TRY
TRY! Scott Prince on the last opting for a high cross field kick and the ball found the left side and the arms of William ZIllman to dive over for the opening points. From the sideline Prince collects the extras.
Gold Coast Titans 6-0
18 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING FOR THE COWBOYS. Ash Graham maybe scoring inside the dead ball line.
18 min: NO TRY! Ashley Graham grounding it on the dead ball line, however the call coming against the Cowboys as the contest of the high ball in goals from Brent Tate. 20 metre tap for the Titans.
20 min: Another good attacking set of the Titans with Mark Minichiello getting a strong run into the Cowboys line, however lacking execution at the line. Kick from Prince going to the left corner and it's collected by Ash Graham.
20 min: Cowboys getting stuck in the 40m zone of the Titans and the kick going down field and the return from Zillman getting up to the 20m before getting tackled.
21 min: TRY
TRY! Out of dummy half Matt Srama getting the jump on the Cowboys defence and backing up in support was William Zillman who ran down to collect his second of the night.
Gold Coast Titans 12-0
23 min: From the kick off after the try, David Mead almost knocking on but going backwards for the Titans to get going on the attack. Cowboys lacking the attack as the Titans are showing up the vistors early.
25 min: Titans getting it done in defence again as Matt Bowen gets to the kick on the last. Possible falcon in the gathering of the ball, but the Cowboys get the zero tackle call. Attacking only 20m from the line.
25 min: TRY Northern Storm
TRY! James Segeyaro from dummy half spreading it wide to his left wing, quick hands from Brent Tate finding the open side for Ashley Graham to dive over for the Cowboys first points. The try coming off the failure to catch the ball from Zillman. Matt Bowen from the sideline has kicked it amazingly over the black dot.
Gold Coast Titans 12-6
28 min: From the try the Cowboys completing the set with Matt Bowen going down field for the Titans to collect and return it up to the 20
29 min: Titans with a controlling kick from Scott Prince finding the sideline to give the Cowboys another scrum feed on their 10m line.
31 min: Last tackle for the cowboys as the Titans put Matt Bowen under pressure to rush the kick. Titans return it easily.
32 min: Matt Srama on the 4th tackle for the Titans targeted and easily brought to ground, kick on the last from Prince found the arms of Faifai Loa who returned the ball up to the 20m.
33 min: Titans go forward has been good tonight so far as the passing game as come into their attacking style. but on the last the kick not the best at first with the bomb allowed to bounce before another kick placed over the dead ball line for a Cowboys 20m tap.
34 min: Well! VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING. James Segeyaro showing his hand in all the plays in the set for the Cowboys. Possible strip in goals.
35 min: NO TRY! Luke Capewell covering in defence, but failing to get a hand on him but Gavin Cooper in a Nathan Merritt like performance and dropped it cold in the goals. Titans with a 20m tap.
36 min: Titans are on their game tonight as Scott Prince puts in a kick down field to sit up just before the post and the Cowboys return it to be met by good chasing defence.
36 min: Ben Jones for the Cowboys getting a kick in to be collected by Luke Capewell. The last 5 minutes it's been true end to end football.
37 min: David Mead making a break through the cowboys line, but he was racing against Matt Bowen, but Bowen won the race and saved a certain try.
Off the Mead line break, the Titans get a penalty for the Cowboys being offside inside the 10 metres. The Titans getting the extras to make it an 8 point lead.
Gold Coast Titans 14-6
40 min: HALFTIME: Kick over the top of the line, but going into touch. At the break as the siren sounds, the Titans leading by the 8 points over the Cowboys.
40 min: At the break with the Titans holding the lead, it was evident in the opening 40 minutes that the Gold Coast certainly were the better side over the Cowboys. There go forward has been very good compared to a more sideways attack from the Cowboys. Luke Capewell and Zillman has been the good players for the Titans. Scott Prince's kicking game has been good as well with Beau Henry showing in parts what he has to offer his side.
40 min: Second half underway at Skilled Park with the Cowboys getting the first use of the ball.
41 min: Good opening set from the Cowboys as they made it within 10 metres of the Titans line, however the last tackle option not the best with Bowen failing to get the ball in the goals.
41 min: Kick from the Titans falling down to the Cowboys in Matt Bowen almost knocking on the ball however on replay it hit the knees for Ashley Graham to run it out.
42 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION. Possible TRY to the Cowboys. Replay needed.
42 min: TRY Northern Storm
GREEN LIGHTS! TRY! Ashley Graham in the mess of the in goals beats the hands of the Titans players to ground it. The try constructed thanks to the boot of Matt Bowen who chipped it up over the line and it was gathered up by Luke Capewell to was forced in goals and Brent Tate forcing the ball out for Graham to score. Bowen from about 10m from the sideline kicks the goal.
Gold Coast Titans 14-12
46 min: Cowboys to start there set get a ball to James Segeyaro and a surge from the Cowboys in a good play find Brent tate and cross the line. HOWEVER! VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING
46 min: TRY
GREEN LIGHTS! TRY! Kalifa Faifai Loa offloading the ball on the second tackle for Brent Tate who showed his skills to step and crash over the line to ground it down. Video referee happy with the play and awarding another try to the Cowboys. Bowen with an easy conversion kicks it to extend the lead.
North Queensland Cowboys 18-14
49 min: Referee ruling a forward pass against Matt Bowen as he passed it off to Corey Paterson. Scrum packs for the Titans. It was a questionable call but the whistle has sounded
50 min: The Titans not making the most of their of their possession that set on the back of the scrum, however Segeyaro for the Cowboys knocking on as he falied to collect it on the full.
52 min: From the scrum base, the set for the Titans went left to right and back to the left with kick, but a goal line drop out the call as Graham knocked it dead.
53 min: TRY
TRY! Scott Prince with a beautiful kick across field to the left corner to hit Steve Michael spot on the mark. Well constructed try to get the Titans back in the game, Prince 20 metres out and 6 metres in from the sideline has kicked conversion, to give them the lead again.
Gold Coast Titans 20-18
56 min: Penalty to the Titans with Brent tate committing too much in the ruck. Prince kicking for touch.
58 min: Penalty to the Titans for the Cowboys being offside at marker.
60 min: The Cowboys going for the running play on the last tackle through Ben Jones who once couldn't go any more decided with the grubber kick down field, but the chase not the best for the Titans to escape.
61 min: Good defence from the Cowboys to hold the Titans inside the 20m zone with the Gold Coast forced to kick inside. Matt Bowen collects the kick just on his side of halfway.
62 min: The Cowboys getting some luck with Matt Bowen forcing the goal line drop out with Capewell being forced back in goals.
62 min: Knock on ruled against the Cowboys through Aaron Payne in the ruck, tough call it seems against them. But the Titans get the scrum feed on their 20m.
64 min: Scott Prince 5 metres his side of halfway getting to the kick on the last down field for the Cowboys to return.
65 min: MASSIVE CONTACT! Steve Michael, Brent Tate and Tariq Sims coming together and not looking well on the ground.
65 min: As a result, Steve Michael is coming off the field thanks to a sandwich of Tate and Sims. The ball coming free in the contact and the Cowboys getting the scrum feed 10mts from the line.
65 min: VIDEO REFEREE DECISION PENDING FOR THE COWBOYS. Possible try to Tariq Sims, but looks like held up in live play.
65 min: NO TRY! Tariq Sims has been held up and he has lost the ball with Thompson coming up with the ball. however the Cowboys keep possession at the line and they are told to play it.
66 min: Another Video Referee Decision pending for the Cowboys with Matt Bowen with a grubber into the goals. Replay needed here.
66 min: NO TRY! The cowboys are denied again by the Video Referee as it's ruled Willie Tonga has knocked on. However a great offload on the inside from Paterson to Bowen but it was all avail with red lights spun up.
67 min: Scott Prince using up the clock with a controlling kick down field and going into touch, with a scrum to pack for the Cowboys
68 min: We are going to the Video Referee Decision again for the third time in 2 minutes for the Cowboys, this is a wonderful try if it is given.
68 min: TRY
GREEN LIGHTS! TRY! Great passing game from the cowboys with Matt Bowen and Ben Jones with quick hands to the winger in Faifai Loa making a break down field who flirted with the sideline before he got a grubber back on the inside for Gavin Cooper who was running through to finally cross the line for his own try. Bowen stuck the goal beautifully to extend the lead to 4.
North Queensland Cowboys 24-20
72 min: Kick going down field from the Titans but too much on it and rolling dead. Cowboys with the 20m tap.
73 min: The Kick from the Titans sitting up just before the corner post for Matt Bowen to collect it and run back out of goals, however Bowen's leg not holding up. Penalty at the end of it all to the Cowboys to give them the chance to seal the win.
75 min: TRY
TRY! Off the penalty and the Cowboys getting going from dummy half spreading it wide to the left egde and Willie Tonga crashing over to extend the lead of the Cowboys to 8 with the failed conversion as it curved away from the posts.
North Queensland Cowboys 28-20
79 min: Penalty to the Titans. But we have the fight on here at Skilled Park Minichiello coming together, actions will be taken here.
79 min: Penalty to the Titans as james Tamou making his presence felt with a slap across the face of Minichiello which gives the peanlty again. But It's all over here at Skilled Park.
80 min: FULL TIME: A fiery close to the end of this clash with Mark Minichiello getting fired up with James Tamou, however the curse of the 100 games continues for the Titans as the Cowboys have defeated them 28 points to 20 at the full time siren.

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