Anthony Seibold's training camp blog: Tuesday

Entry number 9 - Tuesday 9th December 2008

Tuesday was another three session training day. As we approach the half way point of the camp there is much to like about the attitude and the application of the squad. It is easy to start something well, but much harder to stick at it and globally the squad has attacked the sessions with enthusiasm and vigour even when a little fatigued as one becomes at this point in the camp. As a coaching staff that is all that one can ask. Today we had Geraint Davies and Jace Van Dijk jump into the ring to do some extras at the end of the gym session alongside Chris McCullen and Gareth Williams who are both prominent figures in the Australian boxing game. It was interesting to see Jace and Geraint go about their work in the ring and both laid on some good shots. They both handled themselves well but were shattered by the end of the sparring session. Both commented on the different type of fitness involved in boxing. The afternoon session had the squad looking at some specific team play. As much as we can, we are looking at team structures in both defence and attack as we immerse the new guys into the Crusaders way. Again at our sessions throughout the day we have had a number of observers from all walks of life within the rugby league world and John is very accommodating when it comes to teaching others. He invites anyone with an interest in learning and observing to come to our sessions much to the delight of the many who have dropped in over the past two weeks. Wednesday leads us to the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast again for agility and a recovery swim and after the past two days the players have earned their regeneration day.