British National League Clubs Adopt
Salary Cap

National League clubs have decided to fall in line with their Super League counterparts by introducing a salary cap.

The cap, which will come into effect from next season, will limit expenditure on players' wages to ?150,000 for National League One clubs and ?100,000 for National League Two clubs, but no more than 50% of income.

Clubs will be able to apply for exemptions in special cases and that will almost certainly apply to relegated Super League clubs keen to retain a full-time playing staff.

RFL financial director Nigel Wood said: "While it is clear that excess spending amongst National League clubs is not quite the problem it was some years ago, there was still a unanimous view that clubs must be regulated and disciplined to live within their means."

Super League clubs are limited to spending ?1.8m on players' salaries.

The penalties for breaching the regulations agreed by the National League clubs include such potential punishments as point deductions, automatic relegation or the denial of promotion and fines.