Broncos look ominous
against gallant Eels


Round 25
Parramatta Eels 0 v Brisbane Broncos 23
at Parramatta Stadium
Referee: Tony Archer

Match Summary:

The Brisbane Broncos have scored an impressive 23-0 victory over a depleted Parramataa Eels side at Parramatta Stadium this afternoon.

The Broncos, for the second week in succession, have kept a team scoreless and that would give the Broncos great confidence two weeks out from the finals, not to emention the boost their for and against will receive.

The scoreline didn't tell the true tale of the match, with the Eels losing half Jeremy Smith late in the first half with a suspected broken hand and with the Eels struggling for props, their go forward suffered agains the much larger Brisbane pack.

The Eels struggled to make it out of their own half and with the lack of go forward, Brisbane easily dominated field position and possession in both halves but the Eels fought all the way, knowing full well for and against could prove vital in the finals washup.

The Broncos have almost certainly booked a place in the top four and secured a home final while the Eels will now fall into elimination matches as they will more than likley finish seventh and face the Bulldogs in the first round of the finals.

Parramatta Eels: 0
Brisbane Broncos: 23
Tries: Justin Hodges, Stephen Michaels, Corey Parker, Brad Thorn
Goals: Darren Lockyer 2/4, Corey Parker 1/1
Field Goals: Darren Lockyer

By the Clock:

1 min: NEWS We are underway at a sold out Parramatta Stadium. It's a sea of blue and gold!

5 min: TRY Brisbane Broncos
Darren Lockyer sets up a great try for Justin Hodges, who scores next to the posts. Brisbane have had all the ball and field possession in the opening ten minutes. Conversion successful.
Broncos 6-0

10 min: NEWS Brisbane really dominating in the opening stages but the Eels are starting to find their feet.

13 min: NEWS Broncos throw a forward pass and a try to Karmichael Hunt is disallowed on the advice of the touch judge.

19 min: ATTEMPTED PENALTY GOAL Brisbane Broncos
Lockyer misses an easy conversion so there is no change to the score. Brisbane are still dominating field position.
Broncos 6-0

26 min: NEWS Brisbane starting to tire and with all the possession, they should be a lot further in front at this stage of the match. Tonie Carroll has just knocked on.

34 min: NEWS Luke Burt has run into the goalposts chasing a grubber. He's not hurt though.

35 min: TRY Brisbane Broncos
The Broncos score just before half time and the scoreline now reflects their dominance of possession in the first half. Conversion successful.
Broncos 12-0

37 min: FIELD GOAL Brisbane Broncos
Darren Lockyer pots a 31 metre field goal to extend the Broncos lead beyond two converted tries.
Broncos 13-0

41 min: NEWS We are underway in the second half and Jeremey Smith from the Eels is out of the match with a suspected broken hand.

45 min: NEWS The Eels are on the ropes but the game is really starting to open up. Exciting stuff.

52 min: NEWS Parramatta starting to find their feet and Brisbane are starting to tire and leave a lot of open space for the Eels.

61 min: NEWS Parramatta can't get across the line and time is fast running out.

65 min: NEWS The Eels are no closer to scoring and with fifteen to go, it would be a huge effort for the Eels to get home from here.

68 min: TRY Brisbane Broncos
The Broncos wrap it up after Brad Thorn scores the match winner. The Eels were out on their feet. Conversion
Broncos 19-0

76 min: TRY Brisbane Broncos
Brisbane have put the icing on the cake with a try to Steve Michaels in the corner to keep their oppostion scoreless for the second week in succession. Conversion unsuccessful.
Broncos 23-0
----------------------------------------- players of the match:
3 - Darren Lockyer
2 - Nathan Hindmarsh
1 - Justin Hodges