Bulldogs win scrappy affair on the coast

Canterbury have recorded their second win of the 2013 season in a stop-start affair on the Central Coast. They defeated Cronulla 24-8 in front of 10,131 fans.

Bluetongue hosted two desperate teams, looking to get back into the winner's circle and it was evident in the early stages with the ball spending more time on the ground than in hand.

Cronulla on the back of some early penalties went for the scoreboard option in kicking a goal and got the early 2-0 lead. They could have pulled further ahead with Todd Carney laying on some quality passes but were spilled before the crucial moment.

Canterbury made the Sharks pay for the wasteful nature of the possession. Sam Perrett rising higher than the pack to touch down for the opening try.

They doubled the advantage in the 36th minute when Mitch Brown profited from a Carney spill that landed in the hands of Ben Barba. They weren't spectacular but the Bulldogs took a invaluable 12 points to 2 lead to the break.

The Sharks needed to hit back first in the second half and they held onto the pass. Wade Graham and Luke Lewis linking up to send the latter over for the Sharks sole try this afternoon.

It would be the only resistance the Sharks side would show though, as they would fade away trying the flashy play instead of using industry to break open the Bulldogs.

Two quick tries for each winger in the 63rd and 74th minute put the contest to bed. Mitch Brown finishing a Frank Pritchard piece of magic for his brace and Sam Perrett pounced on a Carney pass to streak away, giving Canterbury a 24-8 victory.

Match Details
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 8 Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 24
Venue: Central Coast Stadium
Crowd: 10131
Halftime Score: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 12-2

LeagueUnlimited.com Players of the Match:
3 points - Frank Pritchard
2 points - Aiden Tolman
1 point - Paul Gallen

Tries: Luke Lewis
Field Goals:
Conversions: Michael Gordon (1/1)
Penalty Goals: Michael Gordon (1/1)

Tries: Sam Perrett (2), Mitch Brown (2)
Field Goals:
Conversions: Trent Hodkinson (4/4)
Penalty Goals:

LeagueUnlimited.com Live Commentary

Sharks: 1. Michael Gordon 2. Nathan Stapleton 3. Ben Pomeroy 4. Jonathan Wright 5. Beau Ryan 6. Todd Carney 7. Jeff Robson 8. Andrew Fifita 9. John Morris 10. Ben Ross 11. Luke Lewis 12. Wade Graham 13. Paul Gallen (c)
Interchange: 14. Chris Heighington 15. Jayson Bukuya 16. Isaac De Gois 17. Anthony Tupou 18. Sam Tagatese

Bulldogs: 1. Ben Barba 2. Mitch Brown 3. Josh Morris 4. Timoteo Lafai 5. Sam Perrett 6. Josh Reynolds 7. Trent Hodkinson 8. Aiden Tolman 9. Michael Ennis (c) 10. Martin Taupau 11. Tony Williams 12. Josh Jackson 13. Greg Eastwood
Interchange: 14. Dene Halatau 15. Dale Finucane 16. Tim Browne 17. Frank Pritchard 20. David Klemmer
Welcome to a sun drenched Bluetongue Stadium for Cronulla who are hosting the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs. Both teams are down the wrong end of the table and looking to make amends.
Here come the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs to a large cheer for an away game. They are followed shortly by the "home" side for the game, Cronulla in their traditional black, blue and white.
1 min: HERE WE GO! Bulldogs kick-off and Sharks have first use!
1 min: Early PENALTY against Tony Williams for a hand across the throat.
2 min: Good take from Perrett and a PENALTY for a mid-air tackle.
3 min: Knock on Bulldogs in a good position. Sharks scrum.
4 min: PENALTY. More penalties than minutes played currently. Cronulla on the attack.
4 min: Well blow me down! Another PENALTY. Tolman with the desperate hand on the ball. Gordon opts for the penalty shot.
Penalty goal attempt by Michael Gordon successful.
Easy kick and it splits the posts.
Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 2-0
7 min: PENALTY again. Against Tony Williams who didn't retreat the ten.
10 min: So close from Eastwood. He has an airswing from the cross-field kick and Cronulla clean it up.
11 min: Cronulla have butchered a try there! Todd Carney with a superb pass to Stapleton to put him into space, Stapleton passes early though and it bounces plus knocked on by Carney.
16 min: Williams on the right side of a PENALTY this time. A hard charge forces the defenders to slow him down. Bulldogs on the attack.
Scored by Sam Perrett. Conversion attempt by Trent Hodkinson successful.
Last tackle and a high kick from Hodkinson finds a leaping Sam Perrett who rises above Nathan Stapleton to put the ball over for the first try of the game. Hodkinson will have kicking duties today and is nine in from touch and lands it.
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 6-2
22 min: PENALTY Sharks. Tony Williams offside. Sharks will get a relieving touch-finder away.
23 min: Cronulla prise an opening but it is spilled by Heighington. Bulldogs follow it up with a PENALTY.
25 min: Nathan Stapleton makes the easiest task seem hard today. Hodkinson grubbers through looking for his winger but Stapleton is there, juggles and gets back into the field.
26 min: Dear, oh dear. Cronulla butcher another one. Carney who has had a bright opening throws a cut-out to Pomeroy who has a two-on-one and goes himself. He tries to force the pass late and it goes over the sideline.
27 min: PENALTY Canterbury for a loose play the ball with a slight Cronulla touch.
29 min: Mitch Brown is over in the corner but come on back lad, it was forward. Josh Morris' tap on was forward.
VIDEO REFEREE: Going upstairs for a Canterbury TRY. Checking the knock on.
Scored by Mitch Brown. Conversion attempt by Trent Hodkinson successful.
GREEN LIGHTS.. TRY! Mitch Brown with the simple try after Todd Carney spills the ball right into the hands of Barba who sends Brown in. Hodkinson with a tougher assignment this time from the sideline, converts.
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 12-2
39 min: There is no penetration from the Sharks today. They had a few phases of play but the final kick was right into the Bulldogs hands.
40 min: Knock on from Bukuya. Bulldogs with a final chance in this half.
40 min: HALFTIME. Dogs had a late no try call and that took us to the break.
41 min: SECOND HALF UNDERWAY! Bulldogs with first use.
43 min: Time off here as Tupou is twisted in the tackle. It'll be play on and fifth tackle.
46 min: Nice banana kick from Reynolds almost finds Barba but it is spilled.
Scored by Luke Lewis. Conversion attempt by Michael Gordon successful.
Cronulla cut through again and this time it isn't bombed. Short pass to Graham who fights through the line and shows his backs how to draw the man and send Lewis away for the score. Gordon has an easy conversion and duly converts.
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 12-8
50 min: Cheap turnover from the Sharks again. They tried the fancy play and it was spilled.
51 min: Good defense from the Sharks, repelling the Bulldogs from close range.
52 min: Hot potato football from the Sharks put them in the clear but they are put into touch. Too much flash, not enough grunt from the Sharks.
54 min: Good decision from the referee. A flighted kick from Hodkinson forces Ryan to play at it and knock on. Bulldogs with a full set on the line.
56 min: PENALTY to Paul Gallen who milked that well.
58 min: Sharks try to force the pass and it is dropped by Gallen.
59 min: Forward pass.. it wasn't even forward. Sharks were dudded a touch there. Bulldogs 30 metres out.
61 min: Referees blushes are saved with a knock-on. No it's changed, Canterbury PENALTY. Strip.
Scored by Mitch Brown. Conversion attempt by Trent Hodkinson successful.
Some magic there from Frank Pritchard! He initiates the second man play, popping a ball to Brown who has his second try. Hodkinson with a kick from the sideline, converts.
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 18-8
65 min: CROWD: 10,131
Scored by Sam Perrett. Conversion attempt by Trent Hodkinson successful.
INTERCEPT. Todd Carney tries to go down the short, throwing the cut-out but it went straight to Perrett who runs away for the game sealing try. Hodkinson keeps his perfect record tonight.
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 24-8
78 min: Short drop-out! Sharks have it back.
79 min: PENALTY Sharks. Consolation points on offer.
80 min: Short ball to Lewis and it's knocked on. It has been a long day for the home side.
80 min: FULLTIME. Dogs win in a scrappy affair.