Bunnies become Bears ?

South Sydney is considering a proposal to shift its home base to North Sydney Oval.

At present the Rabbitohs play their home matches at Aussie Stadium, and have a year left to run on their current deal with that venue, but the North Sydney Council wants to lure the club north of the harbour.

With the proposal to be revealed to Souths supporters on Tuesday night, chief executive Shane Richardson says the club is strongly looking into the offer, even though its long-term goal is a return to Redfern Oval.

"At the moment it's far more profitable, it is about $800,000 different ... it comes down to the bottom line at football clubs nowadays, and the access to the Oval, it's not far for our fans to go," Richardson told the League Correspondent.

"It's not a done deal as such yet, but at the end of the day we got back into this competition and we survived, and we've got to make sure we survive in the future, and we've just got to have a good deal on the stadium to do that."