City the winners in annual clash with Country

The City Origin side has overcome their intra-state rivals Country Origin tonight by 12-6 at BCU International Stadium in Coffs Harbour tonight.

The annual clash got off to a slow start - just the one try in the first half to City hooker Robbie Farah, converted easily by winger Hazem El Masri. The first half was a tale of two quarters - the first twenty minutes devoted to City attacking the line with just the one scoring result while Country took charge for the second twenty, not able to cross the line but for City's great defence.

Late in the first half concerns turned to Country half Brett Kimmorley was assisted from the field with what was thought a possible neck injury. Reports suggest he has concussion and may miss Cronulla's clash with the Warriors on Saturday.

The second half started with points aplenty as Hazem El Masri opened proceedings with an easy penalty to send City eight points clear. Just minutes later on the back of some good pressure Country winger Anthony Quinn opened the scoring for the "home" side and shortened the gap to two once Craig Fitzgibbon converted.

A relatively soft try twenty minutes from time to Storm forward Ryan Hoffman for City put the final icing on the cake, despite a shock miss from El Masri, the City side managed to hold their lead through a stunning six straight sets late in the game, despite Country's Newcastle connection of Buderus and Gidley throwing themselves at the line. City's line held strong throughout this period and ultimately won them the game.

A late challenge in the final minute from Gidley was unsuccessful as he dropped the ball over the line, giving the City boys a victory in the annual clash by six points. Plenty of kudos, particularly in defence to Country players - Craig Fitzgibbon and Anthony Laffranchi, whilst in attack Danny Buderus kept taking the ball to the line. City's Braith Anasta and Anthony Minichiello were strong from the back, Hazem El Masri was safe under the high ball and made some divisive runs, while up front Hoffman and Thompson both made themselves known to selectors.

LeagueUnlimited Live Commentary:

Country v City March 3rd, 2007 07:30 PM Venue: BCU International Stadium, Coffs Harbour Referee: Shayne Hayne

City 12 Tries: Robbie Farah, Ryan Hoffman Goals: Hazem El Masri (2/3) Country 6 Tries: Anthony Quinn Goals: Craig Fitzgibbon (1/1)

A fine night at BCU International Stadium in Coffs Harbour, crowd slowly building with kickoff roughly half an hour away.

Country: Brett Stewart, Josh Morris, Anthony Quinn, Phil Graham, Amos Roberts, Kurt Gidley, Brett Kimmorley, Craig Fitzgibbon, Danny Buderus, Brett White, Greg Bird, Anthony Laffranchi, Ben Creagh Interchange: Preston Campbell, Luke Douglas, Ben Cross, Clint Newton 18th man: Alan Tongue

City: Anthony Minichiello, Jarryd Hayne, Luke Lewis, Dean Collis, Hazem El Masri, Braith Anasta, Craig Gower, Jason King, Robbie Farah, Lance Thompson, Paul Gallen, Ryan Hoffman, Reece Williams Interchange: Craig Wing, Anthony Watmough, Bryce Gibbs, Ben Pomeroy 18th man: Mark Minichiello

The referee as stated is Shayne Hayne, with Matt Cecchin and Paul Holland on the sideline. Phil Cooley will be the video referee.

7:05pm: Kickoff shortly after 7:30pm. Stay tuned!

7:35pm: Kickoff delayed. Crowd still moving into the ground, pre-match entertainment wrapping up now and the teams already warming up out on-field.

7:40pm: The teams back to the tunnel and now have run out in preparation for the start of play. Changes: Mark Minichiello (City) has been relegated to the bench, Craig Wing to start.

0 min: We're underway at Coffs Harbour!

4 min: City looking the better side early with slightly more possession and now with the first real attacking chance... fifth tackle option didn't work out and Country will return with the ball.

6 min: Country on the attack and a high ball to El Masri's corner puts the pressure on, but he takes it perfectly and manages to streak away and diffuse the situation. City working away from their own line now.

14 min: City with a few more attacking chances but no points as Country's defence steps up. A slow game so far with little in the way of atmosphere from a relatively quiet crowd.

16 min: City with more chances on the line, the latest of which is a result of a Country knock-on just in front of the line, looks like their best chance yet. City now with the ball 10m out.

17 min: TRY City Farah finally breaks through and the boys from the City take first blood. And as expected, Conversion attempt by Hazem El Masri successful. City 6-0

21 min: VIDEO REFEREE: Possible try to Country back rower Anthony Laffranchi... looks like a knock on. NO TRY - City 20m Restart.

24 min: Country with a few attacking opportunities after the opening onslaught from City, but none yet converting into points.

29 min: Errors abound from both teams on the Country line with City heavy on the attack, three knock-ons in two minutes. Now as Country move out, Creagh is taken high by Collis and the Country boys get out of their own half on the back of a penalty.

32 min: Josh Morris appears to be in for Country but referee Hayne rules a forward pass and City escapes again. Just eight out from the break and City holding tentatively to a 6-0 lead.

35 min: More attack from Country with no results - fifth tackle options seemingly lacking for both sides. Anasta not challenged to take the ball in goal and City get out of their own end again.

36 min: INJURY: Brett Kimmorley down after a clash with Ryan Hoffman. No malice in the clash but it would appear it could be a neck injury. He is up and about but still being moved from the field - it would appear unlikely he will play again tonight.

HALFTIME: One of the more bizarre halftime sirens we've heard rings and the boys head for the sheds. City leads Country 6-0.

A fairly even match so far, only difference being the try to City through consistent sets of six on the Country line midway through the half. Country had plenty of opportunities later in the half but none could convert to points.

Statistics: Possession: City 52% - Country 48% Errors: Country 5 City 4 Penalties: City 4-3; Scrums: Country 4-3 Just one linebreak in the game - City with one through Robbie Farah.

Second half coming up shortly.

41 min: Both teams back and the second half underway. Country missing Kimmorley going in to the second half as the boys from Country aim to claw back from 6-0 down. City with first possession in the second half.

43 min: City with the first real attacking chance of the half after an offside penalty against Country.

44 min: PENALTY GOAL City El Masri converts a penalty for the City side and gives them an 8-0 lead early in the second half. City 8-0

47 min: Country on the attack 10m out from the line - is this their chance?

48 min: TRY Country Quinn finally gets Country on the board and the gap is now just two as we see the Conversion attempt by Craig Fitzgibbon successful. City 8-6

61 min: TRY City The ground falls into silence as City crosses over the line through Ryan Hoffman and City look to take back their six point lead. The ground then falls into shock as the Conversion attempt by Hazem El Masri unsuccessful. City 12-6

64 min: Country finally with a chance to attack City's line and potentially even the scores in this arm-wrestle of a match.

67 min: Country forcing a repeat set after a heart-stopping fifth tackle movement almost cost Country points. Anthony Mincihiello rushes the ball dead and the Country side will have another go at scoring.

69 min: Another set for Country with constant pressure on the City defence which will surely break soon. Minichiello forced in goal this time, and forced to defend again. From the return set a City player knocks the ball down off a Country pass and they will get another chance at the line... surely they can cross now!

72 min: At least 6 minutes of constant attack by Country but still no points. And they force ANOTHER line drop out! City's defence must be applauded here, some great tackles by the visitors.

74 min: Sixth consecutive set now for the Country boys as they force El Masri to rush the ball dead. City absorbing an incredible amount of attack from the Country forwards and backs as they continue to keep them out. Country continue to attack...

76 min: Ben Cross drops the ball and Country's possession reign ends. City looking confident but if their energy levels drop in the final minutes we could see any result as we enter the last five minutes.

78 min: Last minute frantic stuff from Country as they have a penalty just short of the line. On the attack are Country with just a minute or two left.

79 min: Kurt Gidley knocks on over the line and Country give the game away. The siren sounds in the background and it's game, set and match - City wins the annual clash for 2007.

FULLTIME: City Origin 12 Country Origin 6 City have gotten home this year on the back of a sensational defensive effort. Country had numerous chances but the City defence simply never allowed for any points apart from a early second half try to Anthony Quinn. Still some question marks over Origin spots but some good performances from many players on both sides. Player of the Match 3 Points: Ryan Hoffman (City) 2 Points: Anthony Minichiello (City) 1 Point: Craig Fitzgibbon (Country)